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World news and analysis from The Nation

  • December 15, 1994

    The Stench of Corruption

    A righteous wind is sweeping across Europe and corruption is being exposed all over.

    Daniel Singer

  • October 4, 1994

    Why Say No?

    Alex on the pathetic handshake between Rabin and Arafat.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • January 8, 1993

    The Continent Divided

    Nineteen ninety-three was to be a banner year for Europe. With the opening of the Single Market people would cross frontiers without visas and goods would flow unhindered by tariffs.

    Daniel Singer

  • January 8, 1993

    Kosovo Waits

    Branko Brudar smiles and tells the new war joke, while carefully placing the Turkish coffee pot on the small office hot plate. "Until when will the Serbs and Croats fight?" goes the joke.

    Mariana Katzarova

  • January 16, 1988

    The Rebellion in Israel and the Territories

    The usual regulatory mechanisms of the mainstream U.S. media (aim: exclusion of troubling or potentially disruptive information, narcosis of population) processed the turmoil in the occupied territories and in Israel itself with some initial difficulty.

    Alexander Cockburn


  • August 1, 1987

    The Right’s Chicago Trial

    Alex on Oliver North’s “fascism with a human face” and the mysterious case of Ralph the Lobster. 

    Alexander Cockburn

  • January 11, 1986

    Requiem for the American Empire

    “Empires are restless organisms. They must constantly renew themselves; should an empire start leaking energy, it will die.”

    Gore Vidal

  • March 8, 1919

    A Spartacan Manifesto

    Shortly after the murders of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, The Nation published the manifesto of the German Spartacists, a group the pair co-founded to incite a Marxist revolution.

    Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Franz Mehring