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  • December 30, 2003

    US to Hussein: WMD A-OK

    New documents detail how Rumsfeld and Reagan let Iraq know it was just fine to keep using chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds.

    Robert Scheer

  • December 24, 2003

    A Visit With Castro

    Brilliant, spirited, but he’s stayed too long.

    Arthur Miller

  • December 18, 2003

    Saddam’s Inglorious End

    “The enemies of a free Iraq have lost their leader,” said George Bush following the capture of Saddam Hussein.

    The Editors

  • December 18, 2003

    How to Kill Saddam

    The last time I saw pictures of a man in need of a haircut being displayed as a trophy of the American Empire it was Che Guevara, stretched out dead on a table in Vallegrande, a village in the Bo

    Alexander Cockburn

  • December 18, 2003


    To: Commander, Coalition Forces
    From: Karl Rove, Supreme Commander


    To: Commander, Coalition Forces
    From: Karl Rove, Supreme Commander

    Calvin Trillin


  • December 17, 2003

    We Got Him…Now What?

    The capture of Saddam Hussein is being treated as a celebratory occasion, but it is one that the Bush Administration might come to regret.

    Robert Scheer

  • November 26, 2003

    The Bubble

    The explosions in Istanbul during George W.

    Maria Margaronis

  • November 21, 2003

    The Bubble

    To Londoners, even many who did not oppose the war, Bush’s visit felt like an assertion of absolute, arrogant power.

    Maria Margaronis

  • October 9, 2003

    Blair, Triumphant

    In the end, Tony Blair had nothing to fear but fear itself. As the Labour Party assembled for its annual conference here on Britain’s Yiddish Riviera, the news looked grim.

    D.D. Guttenplan

  • September 25, 2003

    Putin’s War

    There's been scant notice of refugees being brutally driven out of Chechnya.

    Matt Bivens