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  • December 9, 1999

    The Politics of Food

    Case sawed shakily at his steak, reducing it to uneaten bite-sized fragments, which he pushed around in the rich sauce.... "Jesus," Molly said, her own plate empty, "gimme that.

    Maria Margaronis

  • December 9, 1999

    Food Fight Comes to America

    As the international uprising against genetically engineered (GE) foods continues to grow, the worst fear of US government and business officials is that the commotion abroad will awaken American

    Maria Margaronis

  • October 7, 1999

    Bradley Does Healthcare

    With his recent speech on healthcare, Bill Bradley has moved the worsening plight of the uninsured back into the spotlight.

    Jacob S. Hacker

  • September 16, 1999

    Inherit an Ill Wind

    Way down in Georgia last month, REM lead singer Michael Stipe paused in the middle of a solo during a rock concert because he had Kansas on his mind.

    Larry Witham and Edward Larson

  • September 2, 1999

    An Old City Seeks a New Model

    In early December 1984, an undercover police officer named Marcellus Ward met with a pair of heroin dealers above a candy store in southwest Baltimore.

    Joshua Wolf Shenk


  • September 2, 1999

    Marijuana Made Easy

    For more than half a century, the US government has maintained a hard line on marijuana, denying that the plant has any medical value at all.

    Cynthia Cotts

  • September 2, 1999

    Weird Science

    My first thought upon hearing that the Kansas state education board had removed evolution from its mandatory curriculum was: Go ahead! Be like that! Handicap your kids for life.

    Katha Pollitt

  • July 22, 1999

    Remembering the 1993 Healthcare Debate While Listening to the 1999 Healthcare Debate

    The single-payer system, it was said,
    Has faults that go beyond the fact it's Red:
    If any faceless bureaucrat decreed
    That surgery the doctor says you need

    Calvin Trillin

  • July 22, 1999

    Prescription: Protest

    Neil Shulman, MD, first started seeing patients at Grady in 1969.
    For more information or to help, contact [email protected].

    Neil Shulman MD

  • July 8, 1999

    Doctors’ Brains

    It's 9:45 Tuesday night, and the house lights have just come on after the final scene of Wit--the surprise Off Broadway hit about a terminally ill English professor and her experience as a

    Suzanne Gordon