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Politics news and analysis from The Nation

  • April 8, 1999

    $1 Billion for Conservative Ideas

    Last year the Heritage Foundation celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.

    David Callahan

  • April 8, 1999

    Running on Empty

    Texas Observer editor Louis Dubose estimates that his property tax will decrease by $130 in the year 2000.

    Lou Dubose

  • April 8, 1999

    Political Chapter, Bible Verse

    After writing this, her fourth book on the Christian right, Sara Diamond donated fourteen years' worth of research--right-wing pamphlets, fliers and position papers--to the University of Californ

    Abby Scher

  • April 1, 1999

    Srebrenica Revisited

    During the Balkan war of 1912, Leon Trotsky was a war correspondent for a group of liberal Russian and Ukrainian newspapers.

    Christopher Hitchens

  • April 1, 1999

    Enter Steve Forbes

    In '96 poor Forbes was thought
    To be less zealous than he ought
    To be on things like baby-killing.
    So now he's showing that he's willing

    Calvin Trillin


  • April 1, 1999

    All the President’s Man?

    When Dick Morris announced that he would write a book to divert attention from his adventure with the toes of a call girl, George Stephanopoulos, the President's senior policy adviser, was asked

    Stanley I. Kutler

  • April 1, 1999

    If Poverty Is the Question…

    What does it mean to be poor in America? We can offer no single description of American poverty.

    Paul Wellstone

  • April 1, 1999

    The Clinton Doctrine

    President Clinton's decision to use military force against the Serbs was not simply a calculated response to Slobodan Milosevic's intransigence.

    Michael T. Klare

  • March 18, 1999

    Enter Mrs. Dole

    Elizabeth Dole is all perfection.
    She shoots one take, without exception.
    She drives her staff so no step's spared
    To get an ad-libbed speech prepared.

    Calvin Trillin

  • March 18, 1999

    Postcards From the Left

    As the limos and their glitterati cargo pull up to the Oscars ceremony this year, they may have to share a bit of screen time with a band of angry picketers.

    Marc Cooper