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Politics news and analysis from The Nation

  • March 3, 1956

    Miracle in Alabama

    “An entire community has experienced a rebirth of freedom. The men and women who compose it now stand erect.”

    Carey McWilliams

  • August 31, 1946

    How to Elect a Progressive Congress

    It is highly important to elect Congressmen and Senators who sincerely believe that continuous full employment and full production should be our national objective.

    Henry A. Wallace

  • October 21, 1944

    The Negro Waits to See

    AS NOVEMBER approaches, the Presidential race seems to be too close for partisans of either side to take comfort.

    Walter F. White

  • February 10, 1940

    Fear is the Enemy

    Fear should not dictate our definition of democracy; a government should do all it can to protect and serve the basic liberties of all people.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

  • January 16, 1937

    The Pacifist’s Dilemma

    In capitalist America it is mad utopianism to believe that the government can be armed for international war against fascist aggression or can enter such a war at a price tolerable the American people or to mankind.

    Norman Thomas


  • January 27, 1932

    Birth Control, Religion and the Unfit

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman writes on the benefits of birth control, a practice which does not interfere with the pleasures of the unfit but saves society from their reduplication.

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  • May 9, 1923

    The Hosts of Black Labor

    What shall the public say in a critical time in the demography of black labor? The South must reform its attitude toward blacks, while the North must reform its attitude toward common labor.

    W.E.B. Du Bois

  • April 12, 1922

    Shall Women Be Equal Before the Law?

    The removal of all forms of the subjection of women is the purpose to which the National Woman's Party is dedicated.

    Elsie Hill and Florence Kelley

  • March 8, 1919

    A Spartacan Manifesto

    Shortly after the murders of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, The Nation published the manifesto of the German Spartacists, a group the pair co-founded to incite a Marxist revolution.

    Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Franz Mehring