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Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality news and analysis from The Nation

  • June 22, 2000

    Search and Destroy

    Gay-Baiting in the Military Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

    Doug Ireland

  • June 22, 2000

    The Other Gay Media

    AOL's buyout of Time Warner may have been this year's largest new media/old media merger, but in terms of sheer market consolidation, PlanetOut's purchase of Liberation Publications in late March

    Richard Kim

  • June 15, 2000

    Bush’s Abortion Flip-Flop?

    Which current candidate for President reversed the abortion stand he espoused as a Congressional candidate in the seventies and adopted a position more acceptable to the mainstream of his party

    David Corn

  • June 8, 2000

    McCullers: Canon Fodder?

    What makes an American writer? In today's narrow, backlashed literary market the chain of command is quite clear. The "greats" are Updike, Pynchon, Mailer, Bellow and Roth.

    Sarah Schulman

  • April 27, 2000

    Dr. Laura, Be Quiet!

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger has said a lot of hurtful and irresponsible things on the radio during her many years as a right-wing religious "therapist" and yenta.

    Katha Pollitt


  • March 30, 2000

    Whose Millennium March?

    Scheduled for April 30, the Millennium March on Washington for Equality--the fourth national lesbian and gay rally on the Mall--may sound like your standard, good old-fashioned mass march on Wash

    Joshua Gamson

  • January 27, 2000

    California’s Knightmare

    W hen the Vermont Supreme Court ruled December 20 that denying the statutory benefits and protections of marriage to same-sex couples was discriminatory, conservatives began frothing at the mouth

    Doug Ireland

  • January 13, 2000

    Gay Teens Fight Back

    Jared Nayfack was 11 years old and living in the heart of conservative Orange County, California, when he told his best friend from school that he was gay--"and my friend then came out to me," sa

    Doug Ireland