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Environment news and analysis from The Nation

  • November 3, 2005

    Toxic Recycling

    Recycling electronics using US prison labor is a booming business, with a captive workforce paid pennies per hour for dangerous work that is largely unregulated. The human and environmental consequences of negligent handling and disposal of electronic waste are considerable.

    Elizabeth Grossman

  • October 20, 2005

    Hurricane Gumbo

    The Cajun and Creole folks of Ville Platte, LA, learned long ago not to rely on the government for help. It the wake of hurricanes they launched a homemade rescue-and-relief effort to save their community.

    Mike Davis and Anthony Fontenot

  • October 20, 2005

    Asbestos Liability Scam

    The Senate will soon consider the Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act (FAIR) that is anything but for the workers whose health has been impaired by asbestos. It's a move by major corporations to significantly reduce their liability.

    William Johnson and Kate Levin

  • October 13, 2005

    The Virtues of Gas Guzzling

    Gas-guzzling can be a revolutionary experience, like puffing Montecristo cigars, now that Citgo's 1,800 gas stations and eight oil refineries passed into the hands of Venezuela's national oil company.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • October 7, 2005

    Melting Away

    Geophysicists are debating whether recent catastrophic storms signal an abrupt climate change that will trigger seasons of permanent icelessness in the Atlantic and return the earth to the torrid chaos of an earlier era.

    Mike Davis


  • September 29, 2005

    Global Storm Warning

    Scientists universally recognize the devastating effects of global warming, including its possible role in creating Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It's time for skeptics to listen up before another devastating storm hits.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • September 29, 2005

    Out of Gas

    Before 9/11, the Bush Administration thought tax breaks and environmental deregulation would solve the energy crisis. They were wrong. Now it's time for policies that promote conservation and energy alternatives.

    the Editors

  • September 25, 2005

    Devastation in Galveston (1900)

    More than 7,000 people perished in a hurricane that swept the Texas coast on September 13, 1900. In two unsigned dispatches, The Nation described the scene. September 13 and September 20, 1900, issues.

    The Nation

  • September 16, 2005

    Left Behind: Bush’s Holy War on Nature

    Americans care about the environment, but the Bush Administration clearly doesn't. Blame it on Republican ideology and the apocalyptic religious sensibilities of his political base.

    Chip Ward

  • September 8, 2005

    The Big Easy Dies Hard

    At first glance New Orleans looks like a cross between a giant conceptual art installation or the set of a cold war disaster movie.

    Christian Parenti