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Elections news and analysis from The Nation

  • October 10, 2006

    AIPAC Runs Right

    American Jews are liberals and support Democrats. Why, then, do Jewish organizations, supported by contributions of liberal Jews, strategize with Republicans on how to smear these same Democrats?

    Eric Alterman

  • October 8, 2006

    Virginia’s Rumbling Rebels

    As Senator George Allen's faux-populist campaign devolves into a series of racial embarrassments, Virginia Democrat Jim Webb's unlikely campaign is surging, thanks in large part to Webb's unblemished record of opposing the Iraq War.

    Bob Moser

  • October 5, 2006

    The Economic Debate: Fear vs. Corruption

    As election day approaches, don't expect a reasoned discussion of economic policy between the two parties. A barrage of quips and one-liners have taken the place of detail and fact in political debate.

    Robert L. Borosage

  • October 5, 2006

    Disgraced Republicans

    America needs a new Congress--the question is, Will Americans hold the GOP to account for their corruption, ineptitude and irresponsibility?

    the Editors

  • October 3, 2006

    Gas Pump Politics

    Will Democrats lose 50,000 votes every time the price of gasoline drops? If so, don't blame the GOP (they don't have that much power). Blame instead the greed of US consumers.

    Nicholas von Hoffman


  • July 27, 2006

    Reading the Reed Rout

    Two Republican primaries in the Deep South expose potentially serious cracks in the party's religious-right foundation.

    Bob Moser

  • December 20, 2005


    With persistence and strong convictions, insurgents can change a political party. Galvanized by the war and disgusted with weak-spined party leaders, rank-and-file Democrats may at last be ready to bite back.

    William Greider

  • November 10, 2005

    Arnold Show: Canceled

    Buoyed by their defeat of Schwarzeneggar's "referendum revolution," Democrats and organized labor are now energized to defeat the governor's re-election bid next year.

    Marc Cooper

  • November 10, 2005

    Yes, Virginia…

    Democratic gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey gave the lie to the GOP contention that "conservatism is on the march." But infighting among Dems doomed electoral reform in Ohio, gay marriage is still illegal in Texas and there's a long way to go to mid-year elections.

    John Nichols

  • November 10, 2005

    Bringing Down the Bully

    The lesson of the defeat in California of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's referendum revolution is this: The American people will not forever be fooled. The negative message of the Republican right has lost its power to terrorize voters.

    Robert Scheer