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Economy news and analysis from The Nation

  • November 13, 2003

    From Seattle to Miami

    Click here for more information on the Institute for Policy Studies.

    Click here to read Manuel Pastor and Tony LoPresti's report on the anti-FTAA organizing campaign in Miami.

    Sarah Anderson and John Cavanagh

  • November 6, 2003

    Why We Still Need a Third Party

    To gauge the level of hatred entertained by liberals for the Bush Administration, take a look at the bestseller lists.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • November 6, 2003

    The Struggle for Russia

    The arrest last month of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the principal owner of Russia's biggest oil company, Yukos, and the richest of the country's seventeen state-anointed billionaire oligarchs, on ch

    Stephen F. Cohen

  • October 30, 2003

    Bolivia’s Fight for Dignity

    The tens of thousands of Bolivians in the streets in October demanding the resignation of President (now ex-) Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada came from all walks of life and included teachers, health

    Jimmy Langman

  • October 30, 2003

    Labor Warms to Dean

    Even as the labor leaders who support him are redoubling efforts to secure the Democratic presidential nod for Dick Gephardt, it is becoming increasingly clear that the former House minority le

    John Nichols


  • October 28, 2003

    Scapegoating Illegal Workers Won’t Seal the Borders

    As long as firms are willing to hire them, immigrants will come.

    Robert Scheer

  • October 23, 2003

    A Watershed Strike

    The retail food workers strike in California may be the first in a series of battles that could shape the future of labor-management relations throughout the US.

    Peter Dreier and Kelly Candaele

  • October 23, 2003

    Krugman’s World

    Enter the world of Paul Krugman, a world either dark (the eras of Bush I and Bush II) or bathed in light (when Bill was king).

    Alexander Cockburn

  • October 23, 2003

    Big Bucks in Iraq

    In early October, Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council awarded the country's first mobile phone licenses to three companies from the Middle East.

    Tim Shorrock

  • October 16, 2003

    Identity Thieves

    The Federal Trade Commission has acknowledged that the epidemic of identity theft claimed almost 10 million victims last year.

    Jamie Court