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Economy news and analysis from The Nation

  • August 14, 2003

    Money for Nothing

    Activists say no to corporate giveaways.

    Bobbi Murray

  • August 14, 2003

    The American Prosperity Myth

    The economy's vital signs spell trouble.

    Will Hutton

  • July 31, 2003

    The Young and the Old

    On a frigid morning in Washington, DC, two boys about 13 or 14 come to the driveway of the Ambassador Baptist Church, where the day's meager food offerings are displayed.

    Trudy Lieberman

  • July 31, 2003

    Hungry in America

    Washington no longer feels it ought to insure that everyone has enough to eat.

    Trudy Lieberman

  • July 31, 2003

    Meet the Prime WMD Fabricator

    Week after week Bush and his people have been getting pounded by newly emboldened Democrats and liberal pundits for having exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and his still-elusive w

    Alexander Cockburn

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  • July 31, 2003

    Victory at McDonald’s

    Watch for William Greider's forthcoming book The Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to a Moral Economy, due in bookstores in early September. Click here for info on the book and original reflections and riffs from Greider.

    William Greider

  • July 17, 2003

    GM ‘Assistance’ for Africa

    In late June, George W. Bush spoke of Africa as a famine-stricken continent where the people are unable to grow enough food for themselves.

    Amadou Kanoute

  • July 2, 2003

    Dorothy Day

    In the final days of Rudy Giuliani's term as mayor of New York, three months after the heroism of 9/11, he quietly approved a politically wired project to build twenty-five multimillion-dollar

    Wayne Barrett and Chris Barrett

  • July 2, 2003

    Dems–Why Not Woo the Young?

    Since 1968 the Democrats have been shut out, more or less, as majority party. But with a small bump in left-of-center turnout, they'd be running the country.

    Thomas Geoghegan

  • June 23, 2003

    A New Solidarity Front in Iraq

    This fall will see a fact-finding mission to Iraq to evaluate the condition of workers and the status of the labor movement.

    Tim Shorrock