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  • January 8, 1993

    The Continent Divided

    Nineteen ninety-three was to be a banner year for Europe. With the opening of the Single Market people would cross frontiers without visas and goods would flow unhindered by tariffs.

    Daniel Singer

  • March 25, 1978

    The Farm Workers’ Next Battle

     A report on the enormous number of farm workers displaced by the farming machines developed at the University of California.

    Cesar Chavez

  • July 11, 1966

    A Report from Occupied Territory

    Negroes have always held, the lowest jobs, the most menial jobs, which are now being destroyed by automation. No remote provision has yet been made to absorb this labor surplus. Furthermore, the Negro's education, North and South, remains, almost totally, a segregated education. And, the police treat the Negro like a dog.

    James Baldwin

  • March 18, 1925

    An Inter-Union Labor Struggle

    Will the entrance of labor into industry as an employer compel a reexamination of union policies? 

    Various Contributors

  • September 27, 1866

    The Transatlantic Telegraph Will Concentrate Money and Power in the Hands of the Few

    “Where it is all going to end, and what kind of life the ‘merchant of the future’ will lead, nobody knows.”

    Richard Kreitner

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