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Congress news and analysis from The Nation

  • May 31, 2001

    Shrub Flubs His Dub


    Oh, sure, blame it on Texas. It's all our fault Jim Jeffords walked. Many, many people in Washington are assuming "the Texans" in the White House are responsible for this massive screw-up. Whereas everybody in political Austin assumes it. It's often hard to discern the difference between Texas Tough and Texas Stupid.

    Molly Ivins

  • May 23, 2001

    The Jeffords Jump

    "What do we do now?" That famous last line of the 1972 film The Candidate, in which Robert Redford finds himself--to his surprise--elected to the Senate, should be on the minds of Senate De

    David Corn

  • May 3, 2001

    Strom Watch

    As he goes, so goes the Senate.

    William Greider

  • January 5, 2001

    Bush’s Phony ‘Bipartisanship’

    The danger: He might sell the idea, and his agenda, with the help of a few Democrats.

    John Nichols


  • October 19, 2000

    A Democratic House: Why It Matters

    It won't be a revolution, but progressives see support for much of their agenda.

    Robert L. Borosage

  • August 5, 1999

    Think Globally, Run Locally

    In the summer of 1997 Amory Houghton, the "moderate" six-term Republican Congressman who represents my home county in upstate New York, cast a crucial vote against the "no arms to dictators" Code

    Caleb Rossiter

  • August 5, 1999

    Gloves Off in the Garden State

    The newly regilded dome of Trenton's state capitol may be shimmering under the intense summer sun, but if New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman's entourage is sweating bullets these days, it

    Doug Ireland