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Climate Change

Climate Change news and analysis from The Nation

  • September 29, 2005

    Global Storm Warning

    Scientists universally recognize the devastating effects of global warming, including its possible role in creating Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It's time for skeptics to listen up before another devastating storm hits.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • June 29, 2005

    Climate and the G-8

    Though the G-8 leaders should subsidize zero-carbon energy sources, they should resist Bush's advocacy of nuclear energy.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • December 16, 2004

    A Challenge to Enviros

    America's environmental movement has failed and should die as soon as possible so something better can take its place.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • October 14, 2004

    Climate, the Absent Issue

    Every once in a while there is good news in this troubled world, and the choice of Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai as this year's Nobel Peace Prizewinner is one such moment.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • July 29, 2004

    Boiling Point

    Nature doesn't compromise on global climate change; activists must not either.

    Ross Gelbspan

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  • February 12, 2004

    A New Ice Age?

    George W. Bush may not know it, but one influential part of his government is finally taking global climate change seriously.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • June 26, 2003

    A Light in the Fog

    Seattle is curbing greenhouse gases through more efficient power consumption.

    Alec Appelbaum

  • June 13, 2002

    Department of Earth Security

    The EPA cites chapter, and some verse,
    To show this warming's making matters worse.
    It's getting worse no matter how you score it.
    So here's the plan: They think we should ignore it.

    Calvin Trillin