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Activism news and analysis from The Nation

  • October 7, 2004

    Union Makes Its Bed

    On September 29 in San Francisco, 4,000 hotel employees--all members of the newly merged union UNITE HERE--walked out on strike or were locked out of their workplaces after their contracts expire

    Peter Dreier and Kelly Candaele

  • September 2, 2004

    Now Hear This!

    A once-sleepy population of artists and their fans has emerged as a loud and active proponent of political change.

    Hillary Frey

  • September 2, 2004

    Will Labor Come Back?

    Labor Day has never been a very inspiring holiday, established as it was by late-nineteenth-century union bosses as a homegrown alternative to May Day, which was viewed as having uncomfortably le

    Liza Featherstone

  • September 2, 2004

    Gay GOPers Crash Party

    Being a gay or lesbian Republican isn't easy. Social conservatives condemn your "homosexual lifestyle," while your friends (and lovers) on the left see you as part of the antigay problem.

    Christopher Lisotta

  • August 26, 2004

    Patriot at the Bat

    Just as Roger Clemens can be counted on to fire heat, our national pastime inevitably waves the flag in times of national stress.

    Richard Pollak

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  • August 26, 2004

    Billboard Barons

    It was a bomb that started the whole thing--an image of one anyway.

    David Montero

  • August 17, 2004

    Goodbye, Mr. McGreevey

    How Jim McGreevey perfected the art of swimming in the mainstream.

    Richard Kim

  • August 12, 2004

    Letter From Uganda

    For two years, journalist Andrew Rice lived in Uganda as a fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs.

    Andrew Rice

  • July 29, 2004

    Boiling Point

    Nature doesn't compromise on global climate change; activists must not either.

    Ross Gelbspan

  • July 24, 2004

    Dispatches from the Boston Social Forum

    If another world is possible, what will that world look like?

    Jennifer C. Berkshire