Lived History

Lived History: Lives We've Lost, 2012-13

Edited by

Peter Rothberg

Lived History: Lives We’ve Lost, 2012-13, celebrates the memory of thirty remarkable people.

These tributes each embrace the personal as well as the political. Loving, intimate recollections offer the kind of telling biographical detail often left out of conventional obituaries.

Read William Greider’s tale of being shouted down while guest-lecturing at his friend Larry Goodwyn’s history class; Rick Perlstein’s account of Aaron Swartz building him his first website; Jessica Valenti watching Adam Yauch’s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Videos Awards and then crying with relief; Greg Grandin’s description of his first meeting with Hugo Chavez; and many more.

This eBookNation collection of stories celebrates life. And by focusing on often unsung passion for social justice that animated these extraordinary people, the pieces collected here illuminate the history of important struggles that continue to this day.

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