Disability Is Always Someone Else’s Problem

Why I’m not celebrating Disabilities Awareness Month.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Don’t Let the “Texas Observer” Shut Down

The magazine that Molly Ivins edited and that remains the voice of speak-truth-to-power Texas liberalism is threatened with closing. We can’t let that happen.

John Nichols

Get Ready for Yet Another Pentagon Spending Spree

This year, the budget will be in striking distance of the $1 trillion mark that hawkish officials and pundits could only dream about a few short years ago.

William D. Hartung

Latest in Politics

Roe v. Wade protest

Gen Z and Baby Boomers Need to Work Together

By forming intergenerational coalitions that focus on shared values rather than divisive stereotypes, young people can learn from the fights that came before them. “We are not the first ones to be engaging with these issues.”

Rania Soetirto
Bicyclists Deserve the Right to Free Movement

Bicyclists Deserve the Right to Free Movement

US infrastructure is unnecessarily dangerous for bike riders. There’s a better way.

Kate Wagner
A man does a banking transaction at a Citibank ATM fast cash machine.

What if the People Owned the Banks?

The case for public banking.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

State Politics


The Immense Irony of the GOP's Anti-Socialism Vote

The Immense Irony of the GOP’s Anti-Socialism Vote

Republicans are crowing over their resolution denouncing socialism, but their next presidential candidate will be chosen in a city that socialism built.

John Nichols
US President Joe Biden arrives to deliver the State of the Union address on March 1, 2022 in Washington, DC.

Biden, Go Bold in the State of the Union

What he needs to say.

Robert L. Borosage
Victor Navasky looks at the camera wearing green knit tie and suit.

Remembering the “Placatory and Principled” Victor Navasky

Colleagues pay tribute to the former editor and publisher of The Nation.

Elizabeth Pochoda, Calvin Trillin and Richard Lingeman

The Right

The Presidency

Protesters dressed with cutout faces of Biden and Putin prepare to throw nuclear weapons in the garbage

Is the US Flirting With Nuclear War?

A proxy war pitting the United States against a paranoid adversary with a massive nuclear arsenal at his command: What could possibly go wrong?

Andrew J. Bacevich

Should President Biden Run for Reelection? A “Nation” Forum

We wanted to know what prominent progressive Democrats, left-leaning independents, and battleground state activists were thinking. So we asked them.

Various Contributors

Biden Has Now Embraced Republican Restrictionism on Immigration

The administration is enshrining several Trump-era border policies—even though Biden promised to undo the damage that Trump had done to the immigration system.

Gaby Del Valle


Participant seen holding a sign at a protest of current US immigration policy

The DHS and Its Legacy of Terrorizing Immigrants

Since its creation after 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security has criminalized immigrants living in the United States as well as those newly arriving or seeking safety here.

Azadeh Shahshahani and Setareh Ghandehari
Dr. Giovannina Anthony, an Ob-Gyn challenging Wyoming's new law banning most abortions, hugs her attorne

The GOP’s War on Obamacare Is Screwing Up Its War on Abortion

It’s an irony so delicious I hope Alanis Morissette writes a song about it.

Elie Mystal
school workers strike in LA

Why 60,000 Education Workers Walked Off the Job In Los Angeles

This week’s massive jobs action also represents a model for building worker power.

Alex Caputo-Pearl

Coronavirus and Politics

The Self-Appointed Covid Experts Are At It Again

The Self-Appointed Covid Experts Are At It Again

The armchair Covid quarterbacks are screaming some new tunes: Masks don’t work! Covid came from a lab! Here’s why we need to be cautious about trusting them.

Gregg Gonsalves

John Nichols on the Most Important Election Before 2024, Plus Gregg Gonsalves on the End of the Covid Emergency

On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, we talk about this week’s Wisconsin Supreme Court primary, and Joe Biden’s public health disaster.

Jon Wiener and Start Making Sense

The Shake-Up at the CDC Is an Opportunity We Can’t Afford to Miss

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has made plenty of mistakes, but her push to overhaul the agency deserves our full support.

Gregg Gonsalves