Why the NBA World Lost Its Joy

Why the NBA World Lost Its Joy

On this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, Michael Lee joins the show to talk about this very strange NBA season.


On this episode of Edge of Sports, we speak to Michael Lee of The Washington Post about why this has been the most dispiriting NBA season in recent history. We don’t just catalog the moments, though. We also try to understand the underlying issues.

We have Choice Words about the late Willis Reed, and what his life meant for the New York Knicks as well as the city. We have a Just Stand Up award for the Maryland Terrapins women’s team, which went on a great tourney run. We also have a Just Sit Down award for Commissioner Adam Silver, who has not done a great job of handling the flame-ups that have occurred during the NBA season. All that and more, on this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast!

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