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May 31, 2010 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels; Illustrations by Igor Kopelnitsky

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  • Editorials

    Judging Elena Kagan

    Obama's Supreme Court nominee should be "borked."

    the Editors

  • Pakistan’s Challenge

    America's Pakistan problem is getting worse, not better, on President Obama's watch.

    Mosharraf Zaidi

  • Noted.

    Spring laurels for The Nation, plus Peter Weiss on Rhonda Copeland, and John Nichols on David Obey.

    The Nation

  • America’s Radical Roots

    American radicalism has drawn its inspiration from the nation's revolutionary founding claims. Yet to refer to someone as radical is to risk offense.

    Timothy Patrick McCarthy and John McMillian

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  • Books and the Arts

  • In Our Orbit: What Was Lost

    Kai Bird's Crossing Mandelbaum Gate is a meditation on the collective failure of Israelis and Palestinians to reconcile their histories of loss and victimhood.

    Frederick Deknatel

  • The Enhancement of the Senses

    In The Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes lucidly charts how the Romantics were as transfixed by the failures of science as they were by its bright accomplishments.

    Paula Findlen

  • Mind the Enlightenment

    Jonathan Israel's epic defense of "Radical Enlightenment" has the dogmatic ring of a profession of faith.

    Samuel Moyn

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