Election 2020

Elizabeth Warren Is Running an Unapologetically Intersectional Campaign

As much as I want Medicare for All and for the rich to pay higher taxes, that won’t cure sexism. Warren gets that.

Suzanna Danuta Walters

Why MSNBC Is Freaking Out Over Bernie Sanders

Beholden to Never Trump partisans, the network can’t stand the Democratic Party’s shift to the left.

Jeet Heer

Bernie Sanders Hits the Jackpot

After Nevada, he can and must parlay newfound political capital into a sophisticated argument for why an antiestablishment message is electable.

John Nichols


Democrats Must Reject Not Just a Billionaire but the Billionaire Class

Sanders is right that the party cannot surrender to “a corrupt political system bought by billionaires like Mr. Bloomberg.”
John Nichols

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders shredded a billionaire and the billionaire class Wednesday night in the most important debate so far in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. With the best illustration since last summer’s Democratic debate in Detroit of how these two senators can together build a… Continue Reading >

DNC Fail

The DNC’s Move to Accommodate Bloomberg Stirs Outrage in Iowa

Candidates, members of Congress, and activists are outraged over debate rule changes that bow to a billionaire.

John Nichols

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The ‘New York Times’ ‘Endorsement’ Fails Us All

The editorial board’s split endorsement of two candidates—Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar—serves to confuse, not clarify, the 2020 race.

John Nichols

Why I Support Elizabeth Warren for President

She has demonstrated her ability to win elections, and offers a far more detailed and plausible approach to governing.

Richard Parker

Why I Support Bernie Sanders for President

He has proven that he can connect and build trust across race, class, and party lines.

Zephyr Teachout


Want the Youth Vote? Support Fossil Fuel Divestment

For young people, surface-level regulations aren’t enough. They’re demanding a fundamental shift in how we think about markets and morals.

Ilana Cohen and Connor Chung

Bernie Is Less Sexist Than American Voters

Even if you think a woman could be elected as president, you’d be a fool not to worry about it.  

Katha Pollitt

Trump Has Betrayed His Voters

By the president’s accounting, his accomplishments are legion. But the truth tells a different story.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Electoral College

The Loser President

Trump could lose by many millions of votes and still secure an Electoral College win—and Democrats aren’t paying this the attention it deserves.
John Nichols

“My goal is to get elected and then to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College.” Continue Reading >

What if Rogan Helps?

Beating Trump Is the Goal. What if Joe Rogan Fans Will Help?

Much of the criticism of Sanders for accepting the endorsement rewrites the past and present of Democratic Party electoral politics.

Edward Burmila

What if Rogan Hurts?

Bernie Broke My Heart When He Embraced Rogan’s Endorsement

I’ve been a lifelong socialist and a supporter of Sanders since the 1980s. I expected better from the senator.

Donna Minkowitz

The Iowa Caucuses

Satellite Locations Are Not Enough to Make the Iowa Caucuses Inclusive and Fair

The caucuses are better at portraying the idea of democracy than bringing people into democracy.

Emily Berch

How to Figure Out Who ‘Won’ the Iowa Caucuses

Here’s a hint: It could be complicated, and it could take a while. We go down the Iowa caucus rabbit hole so you don’t have to.

John Nichols

Stop Playing Games With the Mangled Iowa Caucus Count

The Iowa Democratic Party’s release of partial results at this point adds insult to injury.

John Nichols

The Debates

Pete and Amy Needed to Crush the Iowa Debate. They Did Not.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar have to do well in their neighboring Midwestern state’s caucus to advance, and their mediocre nights didn’t help them.

Joan Walsh

Why Was Pete Buttigieg Still on the Debate Stage—and Kamala Harris Wasn’t?

Voters of color are the base of the Democratic Party, but in 2020 they can’t be the face of it.

Elie Mystal

How Amy Klobuchar Beat ‘Wine Cave Pete’ Buttigieg in the Debate

With the help of Elizabeth Warren, that’s how—but Klobuchar will likely benefit the most.

Joan Walsh

Double Standards

In 2020, Double Standards Are Still Dogging Elizabeth Warren—and All the Women Candidates

A record number of women ran for president in this primary election. But that doesn’t mean sexism has been vanquished.
Joan Walsh

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary began as a thrilling, historic political experiment with a field that included no fewer than six women, four of them popular US senators. Continue Reading >

All Politics Is Local

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About My Neighbors

I hope people driving through my town don’t see the sign and believe everyone here—and in small towns around the US—is a caricature.

Karen Rothmyer

Gun Basics—and Other Lessons

Getting along is a necessity when you know you’re likely to run into each other at the only gas station in town. But it’s also a frame of mind.

Karen Rothmyer

Rural America Has a Young People Problem

Democratic politics will lose all remaining connection with rural areas of the country if young people leave home and never come back.

Karen Rothmyer


How Medicaid Expansion Is Transforming Politics As We Know It

Even in deep-red states, voters vigorously defend the program—and they know which party is attacking it.

Bryce Covert

The ‘Public Option’ on Health Care Is a Poison Pill

Some Democratic candidates are pushing it as a free-choice version of Medicare for All. That’s good rhetoric but bad policy.

David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler

Ady Barkan Refuses to Stop Fighting for Health Care for All

The progressive activist, a leader in the movement to win Medicare for All, launches a new series of interviews on health care with presidential candidates.

Winnie Wong

Latest Election 2020 Coverage

AOC and the Election

AOC Tells Democrats How to Get It Right in 2020

“For anyone who accuses us for instituting purity tests,” she says, “it’s called having values. It’s called, giving a damn.”
John Nichols

As 2019 closed, the centrist pundits and politicians who make it their mission to police the Democratic Party were busy reanimating one of the oldest lies in the book. Continue Reading >