Election 2020

Trump’s Social Media Executive Order Shows Just How Low He’ll Go to Win

His attack on Twitter is really an attack on the right to criticize the president.

John Nichols

The Primary

Transit Is a Social Justice Issue in the 2020 Election

Too few candidates talk about the necessity of investing in transit options for working people. But Maya Rockeymoore Cummings does.

John Nichols

For Biden to Unite the Party, He Needs Warren as His Running Mate

Not only would Warren excite the enthusiasm of progressive Democrats, she also has the policy chops the next administration will need.

Jeet Heer

Let Our People Vote!

Bernie Sanders may have dropped out, but his supporters deserve the right to vote for the policies he championed.

Winnie Wong


Trump and the GOP Intensify Their Assault on Democracy

This is a coordinated effort to sabotage the election results and purge the government of officials with the stature to stand up to it.

Sasha Abramsky

Starting From Stockton

What this small California city can teach America about basic income.

David L. Kirp

It's Not Just Students Drowning in Debt. Colleges Are Too!

When universities have to borrow just to keep the doors open, bankers and rating agencies call the shots.

Eleni Schirmer

Joe Biden

In a Parallel Universe, Trump Accepts Loss

At least we can dream of an easy election.

Tom Tomorrow

Starting From Stockton

What this small California city can teach America about basic income.

David L. Kirp

Biden Signals Flexibility on North Korea, but Peace Groups Are Wary

Koreans fear a return to Obama’s failed “strategic patience” policy.

Tim Shorrock

The Electoral College

The Loser President

Trump could lose by many millions of votes and still secure an Electoral College win—and Democrats aren’t paying this the attention it deserves.
John Nichols

“My goal is to get elected and then to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College.” Continue Reading >

All Politics Is Local

Trump’s Response to Losing the Vote

Calvin Trillin

As Democrats Leave Cities, Rural Areas See an Uptick in Voter Registration

A rural marketing campaign offering “solace in a more secluded setting” might give Republicans more than they bargained for.

Karen Rothmyer

Where I Live, Hostility Toward Black Lives Matter Is Often Indirect

But it’s still there in rural New York—just as it is in Washington.

Karen Rothmyer

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