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  • Politics May 3, 2001

    Name the President–The Winners!


    The votes are in, and one entry has come out on top in the contest to give George W. Bush a suitable descriptive name.

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  • Criminal Justice May 3, 2001

    Take Back the Courts

    President Bush's power to appoint judges is one he hardly deserves because of the way he achieved his office.

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  • Globalization April 26, 2001

    No FTAA, No Fast Track

    With NAFTA as an ugly precedent, the proposed trade pact is generating serious opposition from a number of social and economic sources.

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  • Political Figures April 26, 2001

    The Worst 100 Days

    It's back to the future with the George W. Bush who is leading the nation--in the hard-edged style of the recent fiasco in Florida.

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  • Politics April 19, 2001

    Nation Notes

    William Greider's article "The Last Farm Crisis" (November 20, 2000) has won a Harry Chapin Media Award, given by World Hunger Year.... Gregory Palast's investigation into the purge of thousands of African-American voters from the Florida voter rolls, part of which appeared in the February 5 Nation, will be the subject of a report on the PBS show The Calling, which can be seen in New York City on WNYE-TV on April 26 and in Los Angeles on KLCS-TV on April 24. Other areas, check local listings or

    On the web: Read Barbara Kingsolver's open letter to George W. Bush on the environment, Alec Dubro's examination of tainted Bush appointee Otto Reich and John Nichols on the late Joey Ramone, the punk rocker who did not hide his leftist politics (

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