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Debbie Nathan

Debbie Nathan lives in El Paso, where she writes and does radio reporting about immigration, race, and sexual politics. She is the author of Women and Other Aliens: Essays From the U.S.-Mexican Border, among other books.

  • EducationOctober 31, 2002

    The Right Way to Have Sex

    Debbie Nathan is an attendee of Feminist Futures, a New York-based study group whose organizers include Leonore Tiefer.

    Debbie Nathan

  • February 3, 2000

    Sweating Out the Words

    CLARIFICATION: A sidebar to Debbie Nathan's February 21 "Sweating Out the Words," about The New Yorker's literary contest and the publishing and informatics industries (converting information to digital form), mentioned a company, netLibrary, and suggested that workers involved in hours' worth of work in its sites in China, India and the Philippines were "ruining their wrists and eyes in the process." netLibrary tells us that it requires letters of attestation and proof of working conditions from vendors it works with, requiring standards applicable in the United States. Neither Nathan nor The Nation visited netLibrary's vendor sites. Further, The Nation has no specific knowledge of poor conditions or injury to any of netLibrary's workers.

    Debbie Nathan

  • Gender and SexualityApril 1, 1999

    Sodomy for the Masses

    It's a good thing Bill and Monica held their trysts in the White House rather than just across the Potomac, in Falls Church or Arlington, Virginia.

    Debbie Nathan