THE NEW RED MENACE? National Review naturally endorses and “makes the case for” Romney and Ryan in this week’s cover, portraying them as heroic guys with big plans and sleeves rolled up, ready to go to work, and get Americans back to work. One problem: they seem to be modeled on a pair of classic… Commies? Bill Buckley, and Ayn Rand, roll over in their graves. Lenin and Stalin too, most likely. (h/t Digby)


DAVID AND THE GOLIATH You probably missed Larry David–narrated video last night on The Daily Show on how the last four years “could have been worse.” What, “you were expecting Lincoln?” Plus: that asteroid did not hit us and no zombie apocalypse. So this hardly “curbs” his support.

AP: FACT-CHECK THIS! As criticism continues over the infamous AP “Lewinsky” fact-check on the Clinton speech. See caption for photo below (h/t Kara Sassone). In a more serious vein: here’s AP “fact-check” on Obama speech. It appears, once again, to be more “analysis” than fact-checking. Check out the labored “peace dividend” claim. Here’s Dean Baker’s full critique. Perhaps they should just relabel this kind of stuff as Analysis or Opinion.