Lisa Foderaro reports today in the New York Times that a Yale fraternity whose alumni include both President Bushes has been banned from conducting any activities on campus for five years, including recruiting, as punishment for an episode last October in which members led pledges in chants offensive to women, the university announced on Tuesday.

Yale’s publicizing of its disciplinary actions is highly unusual, but officials said their move followed the remarkably public, far-reaching and highly-publicized episode last fall.

“After a full hearing, the committee found that the D.K.E. chapter, as an organization, one comprised of Yale students, had threatened and intimidated others, in violation of the Undergraduate Regulations of Yale College as they pertain to ‘harassment, coercion or intimidation’ and ‘imperiling the integrity and values of the university community,’ ” Dr. Mary Miller, dean of Yale College, wrote in a letter to students and faculty members.

Read Foderaro’s report for details.