Has the war party turned into the wimp party?

I hate to sound like Maureen Dowd, but Republicans have never looked so weak. With barely a whimper of protest Senators George Allen and Conrad Burns conceded defeat in Virginia and Montana this afternoon. Just like that, Democrats took back both houses of Congress.

That’s good news for Democrats–to a point. Winning the Senate takes some pressure off of Nancy Pelosi and allows the party the ability to push a coherent legislative agenda.

But with great power comes great responsibility, as the saying goes. And blame. Republicans are going to start scapegoating the Democrats on everything. If the economy turns sour (or stays sour, depending on your perspective), it’s the Democrats fault. Bush is still President, but Iraq now also becomes the opposition party’s mess.

Maybe that’s why Bush looked a little relieved at his press conference yesterday. He may not be the best campaigner anymore, but he’s a hell of a lot worse at governing.