As I noted in intro to my interview with Alex Gibney, director of the new We Steal Secrets film re WikilLeaks, he has been slammed by Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Twitter feed for months, for various reasons, no doubt. It seems that Assange early on got some kind of leaked script or transcript for the film in process. Gibney hit back for basing a critique on some words on the page, when a film is a quite different experience.

Then this week, with the film’s release date in the US approaching—that is, yesterday—the WikiLeaks Twitter feed said it had been leaked the finished film and they posted a nearly point-by-point “fact check.” Gibney responded by pointing out, among other things, that the transcript was missing a key and substantial part of the film—Manning’s words from the chat logs and elsewhere. These appear in the film typed on the screen but not spoken, so he surmises that someone made an audio copy of the film at a screening and leaked it to WikiLeaks. This morning he tweeted: “WL has published an incomplete and inaccurate transcript based on non-final version.”

Anyway: We likely won’t see a Gibney point-by-point rebuttal of WikiLeaks’ point-by-point rebuttal. But here he responds to a fairly critical review of the film by my former colleague Kevin Gosztola, co-author of my book about Manning, Truth and Consequences.  Note: I have not yet seen the film myself.