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9:50  Watch, from this week’s Aspen Ideas fest, "The Freedom of Press in the Age of (Wiki)Leaks," with James Fallows, Lawrence Lessig, others.

5:05 Classic passage from Jonathan Alter profile on Hillary Clinton in Vanity Fair:  "Hillary told staff that she could not fathom how an army private, Bradley Manning, with psychological problems and a drag-queen boyfriend could single-handedly cause the United States unprecedented embarrassment just by labeling massive downloads as Lady Gaga songs.

"Several allies needed little comfort. ‘Don’t worry about it,’  one leader told Hillary. ‘You should see what we say about you.”’ Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi wasn’t so forgiving."

5:00 Interesting look at how Canada set up "war room" to deal with impending release of WikiLeaks cables…

4:05  Photog hyping exclusive at-home-with-Assange pictures taken earlier this month.

2:15 That interview session planned for this Saturday and featuring Amy Goodman interviewing Assange (see below) has now had to find a new venue after the University of London deemed it too controversial. Or something.

10:20 We’ve followed the saga of pal Andrew Marshall and his explosive story on Thailand based on cables—and how he had to leave Reuters and now is banned from Thailand. Now Bangkok-based journalist Lisa Gardner tweets that “Wikileaks website now blocked in Thailand.”

10:10 New WikiLeaks/Assange play panned.

8:20 John Pilger, one of Assange’s biggest backers, has now gotten released—for worldwide online viewing—that film allegedly ” banned” by the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe (of all places) last month, and Pilger’s appearance there also cancelled. Here’s Pilger explaining it all re The War You Don’t See. However, the Lannan Foundation in open letter claims that the Santa Fe event was cancelled only due to poor ticket sales, but admits it did not explain this early on.

8:15 Amy Goodman to interview Assange and Slavoj Zizek on July 2 live from London, here’s the release and details on listening. Assange legal case resumes about ten days later.

12:15 Bradley Manning’s lawyer updates conditions at Leavenworth: “Since being moved to the JRCF, PFC Manning’s overall mood and demeanor has greatly improved. PFC Manning is able to maintain regular contact with his defense team. He receives weekly written updates, phone calls and visits from defense counsel. In addition, he receives regular visits from family. Finally, PFC Manning also receives hundreds of letters from supporters every week. He wishes to extend his sincere appreciation to those who have taken the time to send along their thoughts and well-wishes.”

12:10 Brazil’s ban on abortion is widely disregarded—and there’s almost not chance it will be overturned, American diplomats say in cables released by WikiLeaks.

12:05 My associate Kevin Donohoe reports: the Colombian magazine Semana reports on cable showing Henry Ramos Allup, the President of the main Venezuelen opposition party, asking for funding for the party from US ambassador Patrick Duddy.

12:00 In the Financial Times, Alan Cane argues that WikiLeaks shows the need to outlaw USB ports and the benefits of the new “cloud” computing for corporations.

From late Tuesday

Wash Post: MasterCard claims its outage today not caused by hacktivists. Blames fault internal server. Time will tell.

CNN names Jessica Yellin cheif WH correspondent. @WLLegal recalls classic @ggreenwald takedown of Yellin: over her questions re: WikiLeaks and Assange.

In new advertisement, WikiLeaks spoofs Mastercard—it’s been six months since the fund cutoff—and claims that banks and financial firms have denied it $15 million in donations, so far. Hackers not linked to WikiLeaks took out the MasterCard site this morning.

What Does it Cost to Change the World? from WikiLeaks on Vimeo.

A new Anonymous-sponsored site “LocalLeaks,” closely modeled, they say, on WikiLeaks, aims to provide a safe, secure way for local government and corporate employees to leak sensitive information.

New cables released by WikiLeaks show that officials from the United Arab Emirates asked the United States for armed Predator drones to help protect its lengthy maritime and land borders. The US eventually declined to provide the drones.