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8:15  David House now tweeting his report on grand jury day now, @lockean — apparently a big dispute over his note taking…

7:10 AP story on the David House grand jury day (see below) — reveals that he was asked solely about his friend Bradley Manning, nothing about Assange, but he still claims they are trying to link the two.  He refused to answer, in any case.

6:50  David House finally emerged from the grand jury session at courthouse in Alexandria, Va. to reveal that he invoked his 5th Amendment rights to remain silent.  He read from a statement outside: 

"The Department of Justice (DoJ) is attempting to codify a task it started over 40 years ago: the political regulation of journalism. The same climate of intimidation that surrounded the Pentagon Papers trial persists to this day as the DoJ seeks to limit the freedoms of the Fourth Estate, using the pretense of alleged violations of the Espionage Act.

"The show trial that is now underway in Alexandria VA has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for regulating the media. Using Nixonian fear tactics that were honed during the Pentagon Papers investigation, the DoJ is attempting to dismantle a major media organization—WikiLeaks—and indict its editor, Julian Assange. The DoJ’s ever-widening net has now come to encompass academics, students, and journalists in the Cambridge area.

"The Administration’s goal is to force these individuals to testify against this media organization in an attempt to cast its publications and those of its media partners — the New York Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, and El Pais — as acts of espionage. The government has also violated my Fourth Amendment rights by executing a warrantless seizure on my laptop in an attempt to identify, target and ensnare Cambridge-based supporters of WikiLeaks.  It is my conviction that the American people must call for a cessation of the Department of Justice’s politically motivated harassment."

5:05  Latest Nation piece and a big one on Haiti Leaks:  U.S. military intervention after the earthquake and the backlash.

4:15  Grand jury presumably back in session, to hear David House, he promises statement on exit, for updates:

1:40  @JaneHamsher of FireDogLake is tweeting the grand jury gathering in Virginia–she helped drive David House to the courthouse.  He is not appearing until 4 pm amid protests outside.  Her latest:  "Wikileaks grand jury on break til 4pm. David House has not been questioned yet. Lynndie England finished w grand jury questioning."

12:35  Update from David House via Twitter just now on grand jury circus:  


@lockean  "Have not yet stood before grand jury; a phalanx of AUSA at Alexandria moved my appearance to 4pm. Statement to follow appearance."

11:40  WikiLeaks chief spokesman "treads softly" on visit to Australia.

9:55 My new piece on hot new doc on NYT "Page One" includes look at its handling of WikiLeaks.

9:35  Now AP covers eBay auction for lunch with Assange.  Aa check just now finds 8 bidders so far and 560 pounds total.

8:20  Long list of whistleblowers and  groups ask that Obama’s "transparency award" be declared null and void, with long list of reasons.

8:15  Breakdown of grand jury pool in Alexandria — vast majority work for federal government or companies with much fed business.   So will indict the proverbial "ham sandwich"? 

8:00 New AP story on protesting grand jury re-convening in Alexandria with the Manning 3.

12:05  Anonymous targets Malaysia for censoring WikiLeaks and file-sharing sites.

12:00 Today’s the day for David House and two others appearances before grand jury in Virginia — with protests planned there and in House’s home of Boston (see links below and new one here).

From late Tuesday

From Forbes: Wikileaks  Asks For Anonymous Bitcoin Donations . 

 My appearance on today’s Matthew Filipowicz Show talking Wikileaks.  

AFP covers re-convening of WikiLeaks grand jury in Alexandria tomorrow, appearance by David House,  protests planned.

 And from @WLLegal: Excellent NPR Pentagon Papers roundtable w/ leaker @DanielEllsberg, NYT counsel James Goodale & PP author Leslie Gelb:

 Via @Asher_Wolf at Twitter: Der Spiegel || Disingenuous Transparency: Whistleblowers Suffer More than Ever Under Obama ."

Latest on rallies planned for tomorrow around the grand jury in Alexandria, VA.

Fundraising auction—lunch with Assange. What’s on menu? Should be braised leeks.

Even without long-delayed WikiLeaks release, Bank of America in hot water for fraud.