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6:55 The Guardian claims the Assange "milion-pound" book deal has "collapsed," according to publishing sources.  Allegedy he grew concerned about possible impact on legal proceedings.  May just be re-structured, but money loss would be severe.

5:25  Cables: U.S.  Ambassador describes "Haiti’s see-no-evil-hear-no-evil political culture" | Haiti Liberte

4:05  As promised, New York magazine, after running controvesial profile of Bradley Manning over the weekend that drew on new chat logs, now publishes the unredacted logs on its site.  One excerpt:  bradass87:  i think fulfilling childhood dreams can be fun, but im learning that if you dont aim high, you firstly, dont achieve them, and secondly, you find your more *realistic* dreams to be unrewarding…: i want to be like my idols: richard feynman, carl sagan, harvey milk, etc…. its not the strongest ofpeople who survive, its the ones most responsive to change.

Also:  bradass87: 2 months pre-deployment, 12 months of iraq… and another 12 months of recovery and garrison… all assuming i dont get discharged under DADT… but the moment i leave the military, implanning on breaking out in all directions

ZJ: man, stay safe in iraq

bradass87: im an analyst, i shadow a brigade commander… also, the shia majority in the location we are going doesn’t want to screw around with the US… theyre stockpiling fresh weapons… because the moment they leave, they plan on removing sunnis out of the region to the southeast and northeast of baghdad: im trying to figure out a way to prevent a civil war the second we leave

2:05  Our friends in the @WikileaksTruck (spotted outside Fox News and NYT over the weekend)  have some good questions for Obama’s Twitter news conference: Can you show us just one example where Wikileaks has threatened our security?  Have you watched the Collateral Murder video? Why is Manning the one in jail?  How do you expect Bradley Manning to stand a fair trial when you have said "He broke the law."?

12:10  Global debt: Amy Goodman in the Guardian on the great debt the world owes to WikiLeaks. "No matter what happens to Assange, WikiLeaks has changed the world forever."

9:10 Yes, there is a site that lists the current odds on winning the Nobel Peace Prize—with Assange one of the favorites at just 10:1 and Manning at 100:1—but not only that, you can place a bet. So if you’ve ever wanted to put your money on WikiLeaks… One wag points out that Manning would help his chances if he admitted to the leak…. The site:

7:30 My daughter, Jeni Mitchell, an expert on this part of the world, sends along link and story, “Is the U.S. Military Heading for a Train Wreck—Literally—In Uzbekistan?” based on new cable release reported in Wash Post. “A new railroad in Uzbekistan, used extensively as part of the U.S.’s transportation network shipping military cargo to Afghanistan was built using low-quality steel and goes through such mountainous terrain that when the train gets to the bottom of the mountain crossing, the wheels are glowing red from the friction of so much braking.”

6:35 Updating the attempts at American Library Assn. conference to pass WikiLeaks and/or Manning resolutions.

6:30 Follow the Murdoch “HackGate” via live Guardian blog.

12:10 Pay Pal’s Twitter feed in UK hacked, turned off. And Obama campaign site hacked.

12:05 Amy Goodman reflects on interviewing Julian Assange and the global impact of WikiLeaks. And apparently CSPAN just ran the weekend session with Assange and Zizek.

From late Tuesday

Read about or order my books The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, and Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book and print. Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, others….

One analyst’s massive review of evidence in Assange sex case (and finds it fishy).

From my assistant Kevin Donohue: The Guardian reports that a “Royal Navy medic has been sentenced to seven months’ detention for refusing rifle training prior to deployment in Afghanistan” after developing moral objections because of revelations made by WikiLeaks.

@WLLegal: DOJ says that NYT’s decision to not publish Risen’s Iran nuke story undercuts his argument he shouldn’t have to testify

PBS Frontline re-runs its weak “WikiLeaks” special tonight—here’s my warning:

If yoiu missed it over the weekend, Democracy Now! has posted full video of Amy Goodman’s long chat with Assange and a very lively Zizek.

Glenn Greenwald notes latest major NYT story today based on leaks from top Obama officials (re bad guys in Pakistan), and hypocrisy of going after Manning and WikiLeaks, so where’s the prosecution of these guys amid White House crackdown on whistleblowers? “If any leak warrants a criminal investigation, it’s one from high-level officials deliberately jeopardizing the nation’s relationship with such a strategically important ally. Will there be a Grand Jury convened to uncover the identity of the two high-level unauthorized leakers, or are such investigations only for low-level officials who disclose information to the citizenry that embarrasses the U.S. Government by exposing serious wrongdoing on the part of its officials?”