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UPDATE:  Here’s edition of this blog for Thursday.

10:15  I linked to the live tweeting of this event earlier but here is wrapup plus the tweeting at WL Central: editors from the 5 news outlets involved in the first stage of Cablegate (inc. NYT and Guardian) debate it.  Bill Keller continues his WikiLeaks-changed-nothing charade.

8:35 From Independent in London:  Nations prepare for "hacklash" — that would be hacking protest — as judge’s ruling on Assange extradition arrives tomorrow morning  10 a.m. (UK times).  Assange lawyers "expect the worst.."   Anonymous "has called on supporters to flood British government websites with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, a relatively simple method of shutting down a website by flooding it with requests for information."

8:15  No photos of Mariah "Cash And" Carey singing for Gaddafi’s son in 2009 but at left there’s one of Beyonce doing same the following year (along with Usher).

7:05  Chronicle of Higher Education on yet another derivative: UniLeaks.   "WikiLeaks, scourge of governments worldwide, now has a copycat for academe. And the new group is itching to publish your university’s deepest secrets."

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4:10  Still awaiting word on judge’s ruling re: Assange extradition.  But as we note way down below today:  If he loses, as many expect, appeal will likely delay outcome for another nine months maybe.   UPDATE:  I’m now told that decision will come down at 10:30 am tomorrow, UK time.

3:05 Reuters gets new cables on Libya pressing oil companies to pay its huge $1.5 billion  fee related to settling terrorist claims.  "The cable suggests Gaddafi intended foreign oil companies to provide full funding for the scheme, which at the time was a key factor in improving ties between Libya and the United States."

2:55  Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic with this new piece:  "The Files Will Get Out: The Lesson From WikiLeaks, Gawker, the RIAA, and Libya."

2:00 Jeremy Bernstein at NY Review of Books with a valuable look back at episode revealed, then largely forgotten,  in one of the early cables via WikiLeaks in December:  Gaddafi, with screw loose, and a specific and dramatic incident involving  "loose nukes."   And by the way:  despite his much-publicized promise to give up nuclear weapons programs "there remained and still remains a nuclear research program centered in Tajura, about ten miles east of Tripoli."  

1:35  Love this headline and have seen it elswhere:   "WikiLeaks: Mariah Paid $1M To Perform For Qaddafi’s Son."   Makes it seem like SHE paid for the honor.  Cash and Carey?

12:40   Newspapers involved in WIkiLeaks original release "debate" here.

12:20  WikiLeaks cable suggests Bernie Madoff even tried to rip off Gaddafi.  Unlike, say, Fred Wilpon, he was too smart for Bernie.

11:25  Slow Wiki morning, so media and bloggers focusing on two main stories (which we covered yesterday):   the new cables revealing Gaddafi and family wackiness, and the online WikiLeaks "store" and its offerings, with The Atlantic covering here.

9:25  Kashmir Hill at Forbes with lighthearted look at the Domscheit-Berg book in the form of 10 Things You Should KNow About Assange Before Moving in With Him.    A different take on Spam.

9:15  Here’s link to updated  print version of my  "The Age of Wikileaks" book.   E-book edition also available.   Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, others.  I am now selling foreign rights, contact me at address above if interested.

8:25  Blake Hounshell, managing ed of Foregin Policy, tweets re: a Libya cable:  "Hey, @wikileaks, this unredacted cable could get people killed ." 

8:15  What cables show about Gaddafi and Chavez.  It ain’t pretty.

8:10  Top Sydney paper says Assange expected to lose extradition ruling today — but will appeal and that could take nine months.  In the Guardian, a legal expert on extradition predicts Assange will lose his case, decision coming this week..

8:00  Assange attorney Mark Stephens says he still considers sex case against his client largely  "political" but admits he could have handled it differently.

12:00   We noted earlier the new cables released Tuesday on Gaddafi shenanigans.  NYT now has its own summary, including focus on a son paying Mariah Carey $1 million to sing 4 songs and Gaddafi himself proposing farout solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

From late Tuesday

WikiLeaks releases two new cables revealing Gaddafi Family Values, i.e. squabbles.  Foreign Policy reports.

I love this: small San Diego weekly has been checking WikiLeaks often for any references to local concerns, and has found some beauties and oddities: "So far, these have included reports on a shady Russian politician with property in Carlsbad, a North County energy company investing in lawless southern Italy, Maria Shriver’s heart-to-heart with Sonia Gandi, and Congressman Darrell Issa’s scheming with Lebanese Brazilians."

Academics debate whether students, or anyone, even reading WikiLeaks are breaking the Espionage Law.  The absurdity burns.  But a good read, from Philly Inquirer.

The Bradley Manniing Advocacy Fund launched today, with this endorsement from Dan Ellsberg: "There has been a concerted effort to paint Bradley Manning as a terrorist and traitor. He is neither. He is a patriotic American who deserves better than to be tried in the media – as is happening day after day on the basis of misinformation – before he has had any opportunity to speak publicly for himself or to present his own case in court. I hope others will join me in supporting the Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund to ensure a free-flow of information on PFC Manning and give him a fair shot at due process and humane treatment.":