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11:05 Andy Greenberg’s blog at Forbes back up, see link below for the day’s wild charges and counter-charges.  Now go watch the Arcade Fire NYC concert back up at YouTube in entirety.  Yeah, I can taste the fear.

9:20  Andy Greenberg’s blog is still (mysteriously) down, see below for background and earlier back-and-forth today, but good guy Raffi Khatchadourian has sent along the Domscheit-Berg reply to WikiLeaks response, as posted by Andy  there

* WikiLeaks has not taken legal action. I have received a letter from German attorney Johannes Eisenberg representing Julian that does not mention any law or regulation I have implicated, violated or whatever. It is a mere statement, written in the worst German I ever read, and it is not even spelling my name correctly. I would recommend everyone to watch the BBC Panorama show on WikiLeaks, that is related to that letter.

* I have never sabotaged WikiLeaks, including its primary submission system.

* The overhaul of the system is needed because the owner and developer of that system has decided to no longer allow WikiLeaks to use it, due to the lack of trust in Julian and the way he is leading this organisation, and Julian behaving irresponsibly with source material.

* I never had access to that primary submission system, its code, received submissions or whatever. There was a clear separation of duties.

* I have never claimed to be a programmer, director, founder or architect. I was a  spokesperson for the project, not the spokesperson, and have never claimed otherwise. You can check international media that I have handled if you feel my role was restricted to Germany only.

* I hold two degrees in computer science and worked for around 6 years as a network security engineer. Do you need copies of the degrees?

* I have never claimed to have had an email address before 2008. I recommend everyone to read the story about Kristinn’s official mail account in my book. It seriously is hilarious.

* I acted as an editor as much as I have an understanding of what an editors role is.

8:25 Andy Greenberg just tweeted that he got a response from Domscheit-Berg to WikiLeaks’ response to his response to Assange in his new book (see below), but Andy’s blog seems to be down.  See if it’s back up here. Hacked off?

6:10  As promised, Andy Greenberg of Forbes got response from WikiLeaks spokesman in response to the Domscheit-Berg claims in new book and interviews. "’ A statement sent to me by spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson says that WikiLeaks is taking legal action against Domscheit-Berg, and accuses him of  ‘various acts of sabotage….The former WikiLeaks staffer admits to having damaged the site’s primary submission system and stolen material,’ the statement reads.

"It goes on to downplay Domscheit-Berg’s role in WikiLeaks and deny that he ever worked as a computer programmer. ‘He has falsely misrepresented himself in the press as a programmer, computer-scientist, security expert, architect, editor, founder, director and spokesman,’  the statement reads. ‘He cannot program and wrote not a single program for the organization, at any time….His accounts of the crucial times in WikiLeaks history since April last year are therefore based upon limited information or malicious falsifications."

5:30  Full document and slides from firms that wanted to help BOA bring down WikiLeaks, not to mention supporters like Glenn Greenwald and Birgitta Jonsdottir.

5:25  @WLLegal tweets about claims that the bank release is a "snore," thusly:  "I wonder what the 20 person BoA #Wikileaks War Room is for then."

5:20  Jim Naureckas tweets about one of today’s big stories:  "The news is not that CIA promoted torturers–it’s that AP used torturers’ (first) names. ." 

5:00 Telegraph with new cable: Mubarak urged Cheney "three or four times" not to invade Iraq. And more Suleiman and Israel stuff here.

3:00  We reported earlier Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s claims that WikiLeaks much-touted bank release (BOA?) was actually, from what he knew as a former insider, was actually quite "unspectacular."   Now Mark Hosenball at Reuters, who has followed WikiLeaks closely, reports that three people (presumably one of them Domscheit-Berg) has told him that the bank documents are, in fact, a "dud," with the latest docs from 2006.  Still awaiting Assange response to this and other new claims.

2:05 Just out from AP based on new cable: “Corruption Unpunished in Argentina.”

1:35 New version of my piece earlier today, now here at The Nation, on WikiLeaks vs. RummyLeaks: The Lies of Rumsfeld. Greatest Rumsfeld quote ever, from 2002, on Iraq WMD: A “trained ape” knows they have them. Ergo, Rumsfeld = Trained Ape. Trained by Cheney?

1:20 Al Jazeera with video report on explosive cable (as we reported last night) revealing that Saudi oil reserves might be 40% less than they claim. (h/t Kevin Gosztola)

12:50 As noted earlier, in answer to many requests, you can now order my WikiLeaks book for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry, Android, web viewing, for only $4.99. Print version still here.

12:40 Andy Greenberg at Forbes with lengthy take on blockbuster assertions by Daniel Domscheit-Berg (see below) today, in interview and book excerpts, re: WikiLeaks and Assange in disarray, and more. He promises respond from WikiLeaks. “WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, reached by phone, tells me that WikiLeaks is preparing a statement in response to Domscheit-Berg’s claims. He said that Domscheit-Berg’s account of Hrafnsson’s own involvement with the Collateral Murder video is a ‘fabrication,’ but declined to comment further until the group’s statement is released. ‘This has to be handled carefully,’ Hrafnsson added.”

11:20 Amazing piece on three data intelligence firms proposing a systematic plan of attack vs. Wikileaks to Bank of America. And involved going after Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. Suggests that without help of people like him Wikileaks would “fold” but supporters like him with “liberal bent” if “pushed” will choose “professional preservation over cause.”

11:15 New excerpt from my book published at Huff Post: “WikiLeaks vs. Donald Rumsfeld’s Lies: An Eyewitness Account.”

10:25 Quotes from Daniel Domscheit-Berg interview with Der Stern today, now translated. Confirms earlier reports that he took stuff from WIkiLeaks when left. He says NOT the Bank of America docs, but claims those are old and “unspectacular.”

10:00 I’m told that Crown is now sending out review copies of the Daniel Domscheit-Berg book in U.S., embargoed for February 11 — so, as usual, expect full embargo breaking any minute.

9:55 Huff Post with first except from Micah Sifry upcoming book.

9:25 Wild: Cryptome has alleged excerpts from Daniel Domscheit-Berg upcoming WIkiLeaks book. But then see comments below the excerpts for responses, “corrections,” and lengthy note from Domscheit-Berg himself. There are copies of a few pages and passages from book. A lot on Assange and women and how Domscheit-Berg and “the architect” took some material for “safe-keeping” when they left group.

9:15 Yes, there’s a new “Americans for Assange” site. Now, who will get in trouble at work for going there?

8:55 We noted this last night but now much debate over whether release of cable on Saudis allegedly having 40% less oil reserves than they have claimed proves that the “peak oil” fears are justified. Sure to get more attention today. Here is a Fast Company report.

8::40 Micah Sifry tweets: @Mlsif: White House Launches “AdvisorLeaks”—Safe Drop Where Anyone Can Email Top Advisors Policy Tips

8:00 And now the Russians hit back: Pravda on the forced exit of Luke Harding of the Guardian (and co-author of their WikiLeaks book) from the country, includes denial of WikiLeaks link. Reporter has been replying to such @LukeHarding1968

7:55 Robert Scheer at Truthdig hits White House on Egypt and advises, “Hey, Obama, Just Read WikiLeaks.”

7:50WSJ: “U.S. Struggling to Build Case Against Assange.” A big problem: no evidence of direct link to Manning.

7:45 Big AP story on CIA’s “grave mistakes,” that ends up using first names of some of the CIA agents, though claim they are protecting it’s more “age of WikiLeaks” stuff.

7:30 As noted earlier, exciting news: Just up, you can now order my WikiLeaks book for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry, Android, web viewing, for only $4.99. Print version still here. Ebook via Amazon in UK here.

12:00 The Guardian: new cable includes warning that Saudis may have overstated their oil reserves by FORTY percent, meaning prices will rise and supplies dwindle.

From late Tuesday

10:55 Those unsealed documents (see below) now available for viewing. ACLU press release: “The ACLU and EFF represent Birgitta Jonsdottir, an Icelandic parliamentarian and one of the Twitter users whose records were sought by the government. The motion was joined by attorneys from the law firm Keker & Van Nest LLP and the Law Office of John D. Cline on behalf of Jacob Appelbaum and Rop Gonggrijp, respectively, as well as local counsel in Virginia. The government had also requested information concerning Appelbaum and Gonggrijp’s Twitter accounts.”

10:40 Forbes on tonight’s big news on EFF and ACLU and the Alexandria grand jury of WIkileaks, records to come? “They are now able to release motions they’ve made to overturn the government’s request to Twitter for information about WikiLeaks’ supporters and to find out which other companies have been asked to cough up information, according to an EFF press release.” McClatchy covers here.

10:25 WikiLeaks posted link to this trailer for an upcoming WikiLeaks doc that features both Assange and Michael Moore….”Revolution Truth.”