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3:30  Editor’s Note: Greg Mitchell is now on vacation, but his article on newly-released WikiLeaks diplomatic cables was just posted. Read it here: On Background: From WikiLeaks to WikiHaiti: Now that WikiLeaks is collaborating with media organizations across the globe, a huge trove of previously-unpublished State Department cables are coming to light.

12:20  As I get ready to head out the door (see below), note:  my Nation colleague @KGosztola, who has been covering all things WikiLeaks for months, and helping me here,  will be doing frequent "blog" type items re: WikiLeaks while I’m gone at:

10:55 Can hardly believe there is now a tribute site for end of 185-day WikiLeaks blogging streak.  Man, they know about me and baseball all too well.  Thanks to all.  I am outta here about 1 pm, might be some news breaking about then….

7:50  BBC summarizes 2nd day of Irish Leaks.

7:45  Folks, I am off to Paris this afternoon and then on to visit with daughter, husband and new grandson in Nantes.   So that will be it for the consecutive day streak for this WikiLeaks blog, ending streak (for now) at 185 days — starting with the run-up to the first cable releases back in late November.   Well, it lasted more than three times as long as Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak — and what few know is that the day after Joe D’s streak stopped, he started another long one….So this is not end of the blog but the (first) streak. … Thanks to one of the great contributors to the WikiLeaks (and other) cultural scenes,  @ExiledSurfer, for tribute to my streak at left, as I am pictured with Assange (his write-up here).  Not sure who is Joe D and who is Lou Gehrig. 

7:40  Jacob Appelbaum, often hassled at airports on arrival, gets new "passport," which once belonged to a parrot, in Vienna.

7:30  CNET: Adrian Lamo has "no regrets."

7:25  Famed photog David Bailey claims he refuse to take pix of Assange on assignment because there’s "nothing in his eyes."

12:00 Interesting new cable from Canada shows U.S. pressuring Canada to help get heavy fuel to North Korea as part of "controvesial" deal to get them to dismantle nukes. 

From late Tuesday

 Belfast Telegraph joins The Independent in Dublin in covering the new IrishLeaks.   Too bad Bloody Sunday predates.  Includes lengthy Assange interview, video and summary.

Heritage Foundation writer, in wake of WikiLeaks and related hacking, calls for "cyber-counter-insurgency" drive.

My book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman.

Wash Post:  Latest WikiLeaks cables on Panama causing huge stir again there. "In diplomatic cables released this week on the WikiLeaks website, embassy officials said they had ‘credible and compelling information’ that Supreme Court Justice Winston Spadafora took bribes to influence court cases."

New 7-minute video from Demooracy Now:  former Honduras president Zelaya on what he learned about coup from WikiLeaks.

Editor of The Independent explains how his paper got the WikiLeaks cables, why, the sometimes “infuriating” process, and what they mean for unbalanced relations with US.

 Part II of my colleague Kevin Gosztola’s interview with Raza Rumi on the Pakistan Papers.