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UPDATEHere’s the Thursday edition of the blog.

5:55  In wake of sex abuse case involving IMF chief in New York, Reuters review WikiLeaks cables and finds multiple cases of foreign  diplomats getting charged with such crimes — usually involving maids or nannies — and getting away with it due to obstacles or immunity, despite lawsuits.

3:00 From @WLLegal:  "DOJ insists it can censor book w/ classified info, even though uncensored copies have been in circulation for months." 

2:05  Frontline special on PBS on Manning and Assange next week coincides with first anniversary of Manning’s alleged online "chats" with Adrian Lamo.  

12:55 Bill Keller, arch Assange critic, also finds much to hate and fear in…Twitter and Facebook.   Maybe Judy Miller informed him that they harbor WMD — words of mass destruction?

9:25  Daniel Ellsberg joins the "I Am Bradley Manning" campaign (we have featured link and video this week) with this photo.    His sign reads, however,  "I WAS Bradley Manning," and his caption below: "I was the Bradley Manning of my day. In 1971 I too faced life (115 years) in prison for exposing classified government lies and crimes.  President Obama says ‘the Ellsberg material was classified on a different basis.’  True. The Pentagon Papers were not Secret like the Wikileaks revelations, they were all marked Top Secret—Sensitive.

"Ultimately all charges in my case were dropped because of criminal governmental misconduct toward me during my proceedings.  Exactly the same outcome should occur now, in light of the criminal conditions of Manning’s confinement for the last six months."

8:55 More on ex-Anonymous "spokesman" (or whatever) Barrett Brown and latest plans.  Question of  "Is he the next (or the real) Julian Assange" seems a bit premature.

8:30  We recommended Jane Mayer’s piece in the New Yorker yesterday, and now here is Juan Cole’s take on Obama vs. whistleblowers.

 8:15  Human rights activist Peter Tatchell in the New Statesman:  Manning, jailed for nearly a year, is actually a "hero."  Exposing "war crimes" is "no crime."   Meanwhile,  funding drive on to raise billboard for Manning in D.C. area.

12:00  Interesting:  WikiLeaks cable and the infamous ltantulya murder 

From late Tuesday

PBS has now posted a lengthy press release — really, it seems a full summary and excerpts — from next Tuesday’s full Frontline hour on WikiLeaks, Manning and Assange. Based on its briefer segment on Manning a few weeks back, it’s not a surprise to see that next week’s show is likely to be harshly critical of Assange. 

It appears that it gives wide credence to views that Assange had direct contact with Manning — something the DOJ has apparently had trouble proving —  that it’s possible WikiLeaks reached out to Manning and not the other way around, and that there may have been an "intermediary."    It quotes Kim Zetter of Wired revealing that Assange had contacted her about getting copies of the "chat logs," although this seems to be a no-brainer on his part.  And it gives full attention to charges that Assange did not want to redact the Afghan war logs (he has not exactly denied it) — and re-cycles and quotes David Leigh’s dynamite charge that Assange did not care about redactions because, as he allegedly told Leigh, they "deserve to die."  Assange has threatened to sue over this "false" remark (while not yet suing so) and will likely go ballistic when Leigh is quoted saying it again on Frontline.

The show also promises the first footage of Manning shot about the time he was allegedly leaking.

Swell to see a news outlet in Los Angeles has identified 5 most important revelations in international cables re: L.A.  There’s info relating to 9/11, to Scientology, to Bulgaria.  And the site? The leading information source on all things…. taco.

 Well, we can always use a good WikiLeaks joke (not related ti wizzing in some form).  Here from Huff Post blogger:   "Thanks to my friend, Farid, for sending this joke: Wikileaks released the following taped conversation between President Obama and Pakistan’s President Zardari, who is well known for taking kickbacks.  President Obama:  "Mr. President, I am going to make the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death to the world. Would you like to take any credit for this operation"    President Zardari:  "No, sir. No credit. I take cash only."

Classic:  Reason magazine hails replacement for "bleeding heart" PJ Crowley at State Department — she used to work for Dick Cheney.