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UPDATE:  Here’s the Thursday edition of this blog.

5:40  Shep Smith on OBL killing, photos and the "post-WIkiLeaks world."  He has been one of more vocal mainstream WL backers, in the main.

5:30  Many, including my colleague @kgosztola will be tweeting big WikiLeaks panel in NY w/ PJ Crowley, Assange attorney,.others  @ 6:30

1:45   @nycsouthpaw:  tweets: "EXCLUSIVE: President Obama has decided that Julian Assange will release the Bin Laden photos."

1:25  Irish Leaks launches and one of the few such sites to actually launch with a leak!  Although they properly note that the recording is not quite confirmed.

12:25  The Hindu newspaper in India, which has been publishing cables for weeks, now comes up with one suggesting that Pakistan pushed for release from Gitmo one of Osama’s associates, a "businessman" with a particularly unsavory track record, including he allegedly :plotted to acquire chemical and other weapons for al-Qaeda."

10:25  Steve Aftergood, secrecy expert, says annual costs of keeping secrets in U.S. government hits record $10 billion this year. "The estimated costs of the national security classification system grew by 15% last year to reach $10.17 billion, according to the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO).  It was the first time that annual secrecy costs in government were reported to exceed $10 billion."

10:15  PJ Crowley has just joined big Index on Censorship panel tonight in NYC.

9:15  Manning’s friend David House tweets:  "Appears like Bradley is finally being treated in a humane and dignified fashion. Thanks to everyone who made this possible."  See item below for lawyer’s report last night. 

9:00  This came out yesterday but now Forbes writer joins in claims that cables show Pakistan knew where Osame was long ago.

8:00  New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

7:50   Not exactly true, probably,  but love the headline: "WikiLeaks Killed Bin Laden."   But this theory has gained a lot of worldwide discussion.  

7:45   The Telegraphcables show Brits sent 3 copters to area very near Osama compound in 2005, about the time he moved in, to help with relief effort after earthquake.

From late Tuesday

First firsthand account of Bradley Manning’s living conditions — via his attorney after visit to Leavenworth.  Almost a night and day change from Quantico, including two hours exercise outdoors every day, window and desk, videos on weekend, no clothes take from him at night, not on injury watch, and so on.  Showing how protesting can pay off.

 Finally! One of the few major countries with little out on WikiLeaks cables — and no major media partner — was Japan.  Now that has changed with today’s breaks via Asahi.  The @WikiLeaks feed links to a bunch of things, for starters.    Here’s Asahi opener.  A lot on red hot Okinawa issue.

 Good piece on Daniel Ellsberg chat on panel at Berkeley with Lowell Bergman, others.  Things I didn’t know: There are rumors that Assange gave Ellsberg thumb drive with "insurance" files of classified material to release if Assange gets busted and, two, Robert Cole, also at panel, went to school with Dan.

  Good article by my friend  @kgosztola on US hosting world press freedom day  in the midst of prosecuting Wikileaks. 

  Shocker:  The GuardianCables via WikiLeaks reveal U.S. forces were only hundreds of yards from bin Laden compound training Pakistani forces.  "US forces may have visited the town for a second time, months later, according to the cable."

 A lot of new reporting abroad on WikiLeaks cables on Pakistan. Here’s one report on how Pakistan allegedly wanted to catch Osama and kept asking about whereabouts but somehow didn’t know themselves. Then there’s this report, also based on cables, claiming that Pakistanis tipped off Osama whenever US seemed about to attack.

Not sure what to make of this, but here’s report that Israeli reporter for Haaretz may be facing prosecution for possession of classified IDF documents. Other journalists rallying in support.

Honduran journalist who reported on WikiLeaks embassy cables and the army narrowly escapes armed ambush.