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UPDATE:  The Thursday edition of this blog.

9:00  My piece on first anniversary of when Ethan McCord — "hero" soldier in Collateral Murder video — first spoke out.  Now he’s featured in film debuting at Tribeca Film Fest this weekend.

7:35  More intrigue in Israel over new cables in Haaretz.  

5:30  Manning arrives in Kansas — not in Virginia any more.   Pentagon actually says he will not receive "abusive" treatment.  Well, what else would they say?   But they also say still long time until trial starts or ends.

4:55  Jane Hamsher on MSNBC: Obama Needs to Explain Inconsistent Statements of Manning Treatment 

3:50  Bradley Manning’s family  welcomes move to Kansas.  Harder to get to by some, but closer to father.

2:10  Pentagon confirms Manning in the air now, en route to Kansas.

2:00  New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

1:45  Already a demonstration for Manning set at Fort Leavenworth, for June. 4.   And a supporting Facebook page for Kansas and Missouri folks now up.  (h/t Kevin Gosztola) 

1:25 George Galloway interviews Icelandic MP, former WikiLeaks baccker and member of "Twitter 3," Birgitta Jonsdonttir.

11:35  Glenn Greenwald on "lessons" of Manning’s transfer. "But there is one positive aspect of all of this worth highlighting: namely, the mechanisms used to catapult this story into such prominence. Had this been 10 or even 5 years ago, I’m convinced that Bradley Manning’s oppressive detention conditions would never have received any substantial attention and he’d wither away indefinitely in Quantico."

10:05  PJ Crowley tweets:  "#Manning‘s lawyer has raised serious questions about treatment decisions made at #Quantico without foundation. This should be investigated."   See item a bit below for the lawyer link.  See my Manning book for full background.

9:40  My colleague Kevin Gosztola:  Will transfer of Manning to Kansas cause even more isolation?   Quantico was very near D.C., for vistitors and demos. Jeff Paterson of Courage to Resist and the Support Network says, “It wasn’t a secret that we were preparing to rally one to two thousand for an upcoming DC-area pre-trial hearing.”

8:40 Editor of New Statesman (who recently ran article by the WikiLeaks leader)  on meeting Assange:   Christopher Walken meets a young, spectral David Bowie? 

8:35  Transcript of military briefing on moving Manning.

8:30  Al Jazeera: cables show U.S. has "Machiavellian" approach to South America.

8:25  Greenpeace with it’s own WikiLeaks style massive document leak — about company most associated with leaks, BP.

12:10  Wash Post on Manning’s transfer, includes news that trial would be held in Washington.

12:05  @WLLegal tweets:   " Fox News spin on Bradley Manning: Gets "prison upgrade""
 @Asher_Wolf tweets:  "Manning being moved to Fort Leavenworth prison; WikiLeaks published this prison’s operating procedures manual (orig released in 2008!)." 

From late Tuesday

Bradley Manning’s attorney David Coombs just out with blog post on what he calls real reason his client being moved to Leavenworth.  It seems the defense was in process of filing write of habeas corpus and decision to move Manning came so quickly Coombs only learned about it via the AP dispatch this afternoon.  He closes, "While the defense hopes that the move to Fort Leavenworth will result in the improvement of PFC Manning’s conditions of confinement, it nonetheless intends to pursue redress at the appropriate time for the flagrant violations of his constitutional rights by the Quantico confinement facility."  

Just back from doing Cenk’s show on MSNBC re: Manning.  While I was gone, Pentagon briefing explained that he was moved to bigger quarters (although had plenty of that at Quantico), visits will still be monitored at all times, he will get to interact with other prisoners more, they admit that attention on conditions led to move, and more.   Here’s AP update on military’s statement including amazing claim the move is so Manning (who had been in near-solitary for 9 months) can get better mental and "emotional" care.  

As noted below, Bradley Manning is being moved from Quantico, Va., brig to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas after worldwide protests. A few facts about Leavenworth: The complex, formally known as the Disciplinary Barracsk, houses the only maximum security military prison. Also, the only death row for military prisoners.  But a medium security unit as well.   The old “castle” (remember the Redford/Gandolfini flick?) was replaced by newer facility in 2002—so there’s that. Hasan Akbar is on death row there. Lt. William Calley was there at one point.

AP has scoop: “U.S. officials say the Army private suspected of giving classified data to WikiLeaks is being moved to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas in the wake of international criticism about his treatment during his detention at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va. The officials say an announcement that Army Pfc. Bradley Manning will be moved is expected Wednesday at the Pentagon. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the move has not yet been made public.

“Amnesty International has said Manning’s treatment may violate his human rights. A committee of Germany’s parliament has also protested about his treatment to the White House. Manning is being held in maximum security in a single-occupancy cell at Quantico, and he is allowed to wear only a suicide-proof smock to bed each night.”

Alan Dershowitz, as usual, strongly backs Israel but in doing so asks why no war crimes tribunals or major probes of civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan caused by US and Brits have ever been carried out, especially in light of WikiLeaks revelations.

Andy Greenberg at Forbes reveals one reason the NYT didn’t get any traction for its WikiLeaks coverage with the Pulitzer board for a prize: It didn’t even submit any of it. “It’s not clear just why the Times decided not to seek a Pulitzer for its groundbreaking WikiLeaks coverage. When I asked executive editor Bill Keller about the decision by email, he responded that ‘We don’t talk generally talk about what we enter or don’t enter, or why.’ ” Greenberg speculates that Keller may not have wanted to give any boost to Assange.