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7:35  Are we finally going to get more WikiLeaks cables on Israel?  Haaretz with new story on cable suggesting some Israeli settlers on West Bank said they’d move back to Israel if received financial compensation.  And more here.

5:00 Info on my WikiLeaks panel at Media Reform conf on Friday w/ Greenwald, Sifry, Emily Bell, Amy Goodman, more.  ALso doing book(s) signing at 3:45 Friday along with, at that time, Bernie Sanders! 

2:15 A rally in support of Manning and WikiLeaks tomorrow at City Hall in NYC, organized in part by Barrett Brown, sometimes described as an “Anonymous spokesman.” Other events this week.

1:25 Very good piece at Foreign Polcy by Charles Homans on US finally throwing Saleh “under the bus” in Yemen—despite or because of many revelations and demands from WikiLeaks cables, going back to the first day of release. “But in general there’s a uniquely sardonic tone to the 31 Sanaa embassy cables released so far”

11:20 First Assange doc to make it to DVD? Won’t be last.

10:30 Panel debate coming up May 4, 6:30 pm, at Columbia University. “Life After WikiLeaks: Who won the information war?” Organized by Index on Censorship.

9:00 Julian Assange won’t be extradited to Sweden any time soon. Date for his appeal to start finally set—for July.

8:25 BBC: The true WikiLeaks threat —“every company has something to hide.”

8:20 More from Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger after winning big award (see below) last night. ” I think there will be more revelations to come and I think lots of papers are going to be developing their own mini versions of WikiLeaks. One thing WikiLeaks has taught us is the importance of working out how to get information securely and publish securely and I think that’s been a valuable lesson for us all.”

8:00 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) also out in print and e-book. Books are only $9.95 print and $3.99 electronic.

7:55 Salon: Karl Rove’s new “WikiLeaks” site shows the right wing doesn’t undertstand journalism at all.

12:05 Info on my WikiLeaks panel at Media Reform conf on Friday w/ Greenwald, Sifry, Emily Bell, Amy Goodman, more. I’ll also be signing copies of my books at 3:45. Come by and say hello.

12:00 Wild Gawker story about top CBS (former ABC) News guy who allegedly snitched on a source to FBI—which he now denies.

From late Tuesday

The Guardian wins top Newspaper of the Year award in UK, partly for WikiLeaks work, and editor Rusbridger goes out of his way in accepting to call on US to (1) rethink how it is going after Assange and Manning and (2) find better way to treat Manning in the brig.

New cables on Libya show Gaddafi son submitted “wish list” of military purchases from US in 2009. It included F-16s that are now pounding the country. Perhaps he was emboldened by visits of McCain and Lieberman and their promises of help.

And the hits keep coming: Ecuador just expelled US ambassador over WikiLeaks leak—“a 2009 diplomatic cable divulged by WikiLeaks in which the envoy accuses Ecuador’s newly retired police chief of corruption and recommends he be stripped of his U.S. visa. Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino announced the expulsion of Ambassador Heather Hodges at a news conference.”

Transcript of UK Parliament debate on Manning (and see below).

As I noted yesterday, Assange friend Jemima Khan is guest-editing this week’s New Statesman and they are just out with the promised “exclusive” article by Assange, with claim that WikiLeaks is the “intelligence agency of the people.” And there’s this: “Assange argues that the New York Times’s hostility to WikiLeaks stems from the newspaper’s illiberal tradition of failing to back organisations or figures which challenge established elites. He highlights the newspaper’s failure to support the American pacifist and anti-war campaigner Eugene Debs, who was imprisoned for ten years for making an anti-war speech in 1918.”

My new piece on Ethan McCord for first anniversary of “Collateral Murder” release—soldier who was there that day, rescued kids, and spoken out since. Info on new film, interview, excerpt from book.