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10:45  Famed Brit writer (and major Assange supporter) John Pilger slams treatment of Assange by The Guardian.  And why, he asks, is David Leigh getting money from Spielberg for WikiLeaks scoops. "The Guardian paid WikiLeaks nothing for its treasure trove of leaks."

7:10  Don’t miss: Valuable and important complete summary by Foreign Policy of the best of WikiLeaks "ArabLeaks" — the important cables and revelations that influenced events ever since the first ones on Tunisia way back in early December.   FP calls them "the cables with impact on today’s revolutions, and tomorrow’s." 

6:50  U.S.-Libya business relations guys talk about "Surviving the WikiLeaks Controversy." Hooked yet?

5:40: Cables show U.S. IDed 23 (including six women) in Australia, of all places, with alleged ties to militants in Yemen and in need of air transit checks.

3:35  Now CNN with its own story on pop stars taking money from Gaddafi kid and others, and why and how it happens (see below).

1:50  "Divas and Despots":  The stars who sing for dictators — goes well beyond those cables on Mariah, Beyonce and Nelly.

1:45  Yes, print edition of The Age of WikiLeaks on sale today only for $11.95.  Also available in various e-editions.

1:40  Wonder if this will be the norm?  After good deal of buildup, QuebecLeaks launches today — but says it has received NO docs to leak.

12:40  New open letter to Pentagon chief Gates today from Psychologists for Social Responsibility re: "humiliating" treatment of Manning, forced nudity, etc.  "As an organization of psychologists and other mental health practitioners — many of whose members have worked in mental hospitals, the criminal justice system, and with veterans — PsySR can state unequivocally that removal of clothing is not an accepted or reasonable procedure for avoiding self-injury." 

12:05 Now AP weighs in with exclusive related to drug fighting:  "Newly leaked diplomatic cables indicate U.S. officials found the appointment of Mexican Attorney General Arturo Chavez ‘inexplicable’ and repeated allegations that President Felipe Calderon’s Cabinet was riven by infighting. Previous cables released by WikiLeaks have drawn an angry response from Calderon, who says the allegations ‘have done a lot of damage.’"

11:50  More from Reuters re:China (see below):  How Warren Buffet’s electric car deal there could go sour, based on cables and more. On the company:  "Among other things, they describe a record of stealing designs from rivals, using those savings to undercut competitors on price and scrimping on safety."

11:25  Exclusive from Reuters: Cables show two U.S. congressman hit China on safety of products it was shipping to USA.  Then told China to look other way on U.S. product. "The company, Baxter Healthcare, was making blood bags for intravenous delivery using polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic softener that has been banned in some other parts of the world. A chemical found in PVC has been shown to build up in humans, causing developmental defects in children, among other things. The European Union banned the chemical in question — commonly known as DEHP — from all household products this year."

10:20  Ha, in light of items  below, photo of Assange loving a cat — as a boy.  Kiddie meets kitty.  (h/t  @parissummer)

10:00 Showing a sense of humor, and probably agreeing with me about its pathethic nature, the @WikiLeaks feed linked to the old-hat  "Julian Assange, Cat Hater" piece at NYT — see item at  7:50 below.

8:35 Old pal Dan Ellsberg speaks at Syracuse U, backs Assange and Manning. “And that’s not to say that everything Assange did is right or everything Manning did is right.  Or for that matter, that everything that I did was right.”

8:15  Der Spiegel on new cables detailing German/France rifts coming out of the "Airbus" uproar.  "The cables are filled with unflattering assessments." 

7:50  NYT apparently so desperate to keep attacking Assange it even does it on its new blog devoted to musings from its Sunday magazine’s staff — today, believe it or not, going back to February and much-quoted quote from the Domscheit-Berg book about Assange allegedly tormenting his cat.  Pathetic.  Then there’s this Yahoo Answers poll:  "Should WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stop raping people?" 

7:35  I will be interviewed on today at about 10:30 ET on WikiLeaks book.  

7:25  Event in Sydney on March 23 features archivists discussing what they bill as the "profound impacts on our professional role that WikiLeaks has had."  

7:20  Nation slideshow on first 100 days of Cablegate is proving quite popular, also has key links.  

From late Tuesday

Watch clip of NBC Nightly News w/ Brian Williams tonite — exclusive inside look at Anonymous, with "spokesman" and "senior strategist" Barrett Brown interviewed, more.  "Civil disobedience" against "targets who ask for it."  New plans.  Feds attacking.  Colbert clip, too. 

Sen. John McCain, meeting with Australia PM, calls WikiLeaks releases over the past year "the greatest, most damaging security breach in the history of this country."  Wants to nail Manning but also wants other who gave him "access" to documents brought to justice: "He couldn’t have done all of that by himself."  Not sure if he means military officers or Assange.  

A kind of tribute?  State Dept. spokesman P.J. Crowley,  asked about latest scandal involving Argentina provoked by WikiLeaks cable, announces.,  “We understand that virtually every country in the world has a Wikileaks cable related to their domestic politics.  We’re just not going to comment on them anymore."

Joe Nye, well-known academic, writer and asst. sec’y of defense under Clinton, writes Financial Times op-ed asking US not to prosecute Assange. By “trying to prosecute Mr Assange we only do damage to ourselves, both in terms of our own constitutional precedents, but also to the principle of openness on the internet that America must try to establish. The move is a blunder because it glorifies Mr Assange, and also because it confuses a cause with a symptom. If we are to understand power in an internet age, we must realise that if Mr Assange had never been born, something like this would have happened anyway.”

We had first hint of this last night (see below) but now Pentagon confirms they are probing Anonymous threat to go over Quantico jailers and others related to Manning. “Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said the probe was requested after news that the hacker group called Anonymous was seeking to disrupt activities at the Quantico, Virginia, base where Private Bradley Manning is incarcerated.”