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4:05 My appearance on today’s Matthew Filipowicz Show talking Wikileaks.  

4:00  AFP covers re-convening of WikiLeaks grand jury in Alexandria tomorrow, appearance by David House,  protests planned.

12:35 And from @WLLegal: Excellent NPR Pentagon Papers roundtable w/ leaker @DanielEllsberg, NYT counsel James Goodale & PP author Leslie Gelb:

12:15 Via @Asher_Wolf at Twitter: Der Spiegel || Disingenuous Transparency: Whistleblowers Suffer More than Ever Under Obama ."

9:40 Even without long-delayed WikiLeaks release, Bank of America in hot water for fraud.

9:35 Latest on rallies planned for tomorrow around the grand jury in Alexandria, VA.

9:30 Somehow missed Rachel Weisz movie The Whistleblower, based on true events revolving around UN.

8:05 Fundraising auction—lunch with Assange. What’s on menu? Should be braised leeks.

7:50 EFF raises concerns about safety of whistleblowers using mainstream media upload sites.

7:30 James C. Goodale’s piece comparing Pentagon Papers case and today’s DOJ probe of WikiLeaks getting picked up far and wide now.

12:00 Interesting story developing involving Thailand and new cables, via former Reuters ace Andrew Marshall. He is posting cables, from his base in Singapore, while writing story, and tweeting updates @zenjournalist. I interviewed Marshall a few years ago about his great work as Baghdad bureau chief. He quit Reuters not long ago to write this Thai story, though I am not sure if he feared legal problems for Reuters or they would not back him up on doing story for them (will try to find out). Go to his site here and stay tuned.

From late Monday

Ellsberg on NBC today. And on NPR.

Is Adrian Lamo talking too much and putting case against Manning in jeopardy? And what’s this about hacking?

Ellsberg defends Manning again, Christian Science Monitor covers.

McClatchy with new cables: Revealing security worries about vital Saudi oil storage. Major al-Qaeda attack thwarted but big worries remain. Only god saved them?

Read non-redacted Pentagon Papers here.

Dan Ellsberg: What we need released today are the Pentagon Papers of Iraq and Afghanistan

For 40th anniversary of Pentagon Papers, my new piece ( on Ellsberg’s prescient 2002 warnings on Iraq, the media and whistleblowers.



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