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12:30  Hearing over for the day, resumes tomorrow, full and interesting Guardian blog summary here.

10:50  Assange appeal back in session.  The Guardian  blog: notes what seems to be common perception today:  "At the high court, Robert Booth points out how dry the Assange team are "with all this legalese about EU law" – a new tack. No more shrill claims about Assange ending up in Guantanamo."  Go to The Guadian blog for full blow-by-blow, and reporter even answered questions from readers during lunch break. 

10:30  BTW, when is Manning’s day in court?

8:40  Lunch break at Assange hearing.  Breakfast break here.

8:00 More from Guardian blog:  "Emmerson has told the judges that the allegations against Assange cannot amount to crimes in England and therefore extradition must be blocked. The extradition order is also flawed, he says, because it seeks Assange’s return to Sweden ‘not for prosecution but for the purposes of an investigation’ (Assange has not yet been formally charged with any offence and according to the Swedish legal system charges will only be laid after extradition and a second round of questioning)."

7:50  @EstherAddley:  "V interesting #assange change of tack, sounds like. Concedes sex was ‘disrepectful, disturbing’ but they say not rape."    Assange attorey Emmerson puts it this way: "No lack of consent."

7:40 See Guardian blog (linked below) for continuing reports on day in court.  Assange attorney Emmerson basically arguing no rape and in any case not worthy of extradition.  Much graphic recounting of sex acts, although not new information, such as:  "They fell asleep and she woke up by his penetrating her. She immediately asked if he was wearing anything. He answered: ‘You.’ She said: ‘You better not have HIV.’ He said: ‘Of course not.’  She may have been upset, but she clearly consented to its [the sexual encounter’s] continuation and that is a central consideration."

7:30 Rumors of Anonymous hacking somehow related to today’s court appeal.  Already the Associated Press  reports that hackers affiliated with Anonymous claim to have stolen tens of thousands of encrypted military passwords from US contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and posted them on the internet. 

7:00  The Guardian is live-blog covering the Assange hearing, which started a few minutes ago (though its Murdoch coverage tops their site).   New attorney Gareth Peirce, replacing Mark Stephens, as we know. John Pilger behind him in court, demonstrators outside.

From late Monday

 Elmer Fudge:  Those Swiss bank "secrets" passed to Assange with great fanfare by Rudolf Elmer turn out to be pretty much worthless (even blank) according to Reuters report.

@WikiLeaks "The Assange case will be heard by Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Ouseley in court 4, Royal Courts of Justice 10.30am July 12."  WL Central among others will be live-blogging or live-tweeting or something.

Anonymous warns ot major hacking activity in coming hours related to British NOTW scandal and/or Assange hearing tomorrow, but designs unclear.

Lengthy Democracy Now! interview today with David House, Bradley Manning friend and WikiLeaks activist. And last night via Twitter, House said he was exploring ways to set up a nonprofit to handle donations to WikiLeaks, getting around the corporate block.