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UPDATE: The Wednesday edition of this blog.

11:05  Glenn Greenwald on the Assange / Private Eye case.   Hits magazine’s reporting — and NYT‘s coverage of it.  As he points out, the NYT original headline remains: "Assange Complains of Jewish Smear Campaign." Even though he denies he said that and, more important, the accuser has no corroboration whatsoever. 

 10:55 Bradley Manning’s lawyer with update, though not much change: says client still in "maximum" confinement and on "injury watch."   And here he says he doesn’t expect Article 32 case to begin until May or June.

5:45  James Ball, ex-WikiLeaker, now with the Guardian tweets about the WikiLeaks statement on Shamir (see below): "The #Wikileaks statement on Israel Shamir ( is categorically untrue. I speak from firsthand experience."

5:30  AOL lumps Assange with Charlie Sheen and Galliano in new feature:  "Who’s Really Anti-Semitic?"   It opens with:   "When did anti-Semitism become fashionable again?"   Recounts Private Eye quotes without Assange response. (h/t Kevin Gosztola) 

5:25  Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger,  following up on Private Eye controversy and items below, tweets:  "Big day. Coming to terms with revelation that I am Jewish. And have a sister."

4:25   As we know, claims about  Assange’s  link to the controversial Israel Shamir set off the chain of events culminating in today’s back-and-forth regarding a sensational Private Eye story — see items below.  Now WikiLeaks has released what it is a statement re: Shamir that Private Eye did not run.  An excerpt:  "It is false that Shamir is ‘an Assange intimate’. He interviewed Assange (on behalf of Russian media), as have many journalists. He took a photo at that time and has only met with WikiLeaks staff (including Assange) twice. It is false that ‘he was trusted with selecting the 250,000 US State Department cables for the Russian media’ or that he has had access to such at any time."

3:20  WikiLeaks responds to Private Eye story (below).  Notes it has several Jewish staff members and this and other factors has often led it to be smeared as pro-Jewish or pro-Israel.  Blasts The Guardian’s David Leigh.  Notes article based on what writer Hislop "remembered"  (not notes or recording).  Then concludes  with quotes from Assange:  "Hislop has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is completely false, in spirit and in word. It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Mr. Hislop has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction. That he has a reputation for this, and is famed to have received more libel suits in the UK than any other journalist as a result, does not mean that it is right….. We treasure our strong Jewish support and staff, just as we treasure the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share our hope for a just world."

1:35  Anonymous apparently took down the Club for Growth site for awhile last night.

1:20  This account of alleged Assange rant about Jewish writers out to get him is gaining a lot of play online and on Twitter, particularly hailed by Guardian editors and reporters, and often suggesting he used expression "Jewish conspiracy," though he did not (what’s there is bad enough, if accurate).  It’s printed in  (however) Private Eye.  My question, here in NY and out of touch these days with the magazine, is: What is journalistic credibility of Private Eye these days?

I’ve asked Twitter friends and here are first few responses: 1)  "Ian Hislop, the editor, can be somewhat mischievious and they print what other papers won’t, but they’re not bad sorts."    2) "On some pages Private Eye does spoofs. On others it does real hard investigations. Not sure which page the Assange story was on"  3)  "private eye is impeccable"  4) "Private Eye is known for carrying totally made up stories, and is the most sued publication in the UK."  5)  "i read that article as documenting a regrettable gaffe, but by no means a faithful account of said gaffe."  6)  "It’s all an affront to the professionalism of Journalism.  Only losers r peeps tryin to learn facts."  7)  "They take the piss and their satire is spot on, but they also do serious investigative stuff." 8) "the assange story comes from the editorial, and ian hislop (editor) can normally be trusted."  9)  "Betcha HBGary’s name is on the top of the check that paid for the Private Eye piece."

1:15  After success of last week’s e-book sale: Now the print edition of my WikiLeaks book slashed to $8.95 for one day only.  Print site (and link to e-book) here. 

1:10  Jack Shafer of Slate on the hottest "leak" scandal in D.C. today, involving office of Rep. Issa (guy has just been canned).

12:30   Daily La Nacion in Costa Rica  is the first Central American publication to get deal with Wikileaks to publish cables.  

12:20  Another David Leigh attack on Assange and the "Assange-inistas" in leading Canadian magazine.  Concludes by saying Assange is like Wizard of Oz, behind curtain he is just "scared little person."

10:55  Day 100 of this blog arrives next Monday.  Any suggestions on how to mark the occasion?  Send to email above.

10:00  My new piece: When the ‘Era of WikiLeaks’ began, one year ago, with the leak of the ‘Collateral Murder’ video from iraq.  

9:55  Update on report from last night on Democrats in Congress going after the Hunton & Williams guys.

9:05  The folks at the Norwegian daily Aftenposten continue their tireless work in publishing cables.  Three new and very interesting ones: 1)  The Curse of the Blue Diamond:  new details about the 20-year-old mystery about the robbery of the 50-carat blue diamond from a Saudi-princess.  2)  detailed list of which six allies don’t  do their share of the war in Afghanistan. The list was made for president Obama before he announced the increase of troops to Afghanistan one year ago. The biggest surprise: UK is on the list.   3)  NATO document tells about the standard response of NATO each time they kill civilians. 

8:35  Here’s link to the Colbert "Anonymous hack" segment described below.  Yes,  it was done by the Colbert people themselves, but still a lotta fun.

8:30  Yes, officials announce today, WikiLeaks has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize — but joined by  a record 240 others, including a Cuban dissident and a reflection of the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt.   Winner not announced until October.

8:15  Can you imagine the commercial?  "Nokia smart phones–favorite by Iraqi insurgents 2 to 1! "  In any case, cable from 2009 reveals that they did, or do, indeed favor the Nokias for militant type communication.

8:10  WikiLeaks cables reveal deep friction on Afghanistan —  in Italy .

12:00  As I predicted, Stephen Colbert did open his show tonight with a segment on the notorious ‘hacking’ of his face last Thursday with a V for Vendetta or "Anonymous" mask.  He freeze- framed to show the image,  then flatly declared Anonymous had hacked him–tongue in cheek?  He continued in a llghthearted challenge to Anonymous over its hacking of the Koch Brothers (no, not Charlie Sheen and Emilio) site, suggesting if they really wanted to get ahead they needed to change their name to Anonymous for Prosperity. 

From late Monday

10:00 Wash PostDems in House call for probe of Hunton and Williams, coming out of the anti-WikiLeaks scheme and more and related to U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  "The call for a congressional probe marks the latest development in the controversy over tens of thousands of e-mails stolen from HBGary Federal, whose computer system was attacked in early February by members of a loose collective of unidentified hackers known as Anonymous"

7:00 Whoa, Nelly: You’ll recall our reports last week on Beyonce and Mariah Carey taking a cool million from one of Gaddafi kids to sing for their supper, as exposed by WikiLeaks cables.  Now songbird Nelly Furtado has revealed–before any new cables arrives–that she too got a million for singing for a Gaddafi and pals in Italy, and is donating the money to charity to take the stink off.  Others newly linked to getting Gaddafi money include:  Lindsay Lohan, Russell Simons, Jay-Z, Jon Bon Jov. 

5:40  Threat Post scoop: HBGary’s Barr says he is stepping down, three weeks after his anti-Wikileaks scheme became known. "Though Barr and HBGary were the victims of the hack, the contents of the e-mail messages divulged plans that cast both in an unflattering light. Among them were data mining efforts and mentions of possible disinformation campaigns on behalf of a ‘large U.S. bank’ and the law firm that represents the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that seem to run afoul of civil liberties and professional ethics."

5:15  Beans spilled on Chile:  Long hidden document on Ted Kennedy’s plans to rent a Chilean brothel for one night in 1961.  Not a WikiLeaks doc but controversy over why secret held for so long.  "The FBI’s reluctance to follow the law and release this material shows that it, too, is not above politics," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.  "We will continue to investigate why the FBI improperly chose to keep this information secret."

5:00 You may have heard about this elsewhere by now, but here’s The Guardian on Assange "trademarking" his name.

3:00  Radware, a provider of integrated Application delivery and Network security solutions based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has in the past week been advertising a software solution that can protect "customers" from "WikiLeaks cyber-retaliation attacks." The solution is being promoted by @radware on Twitter: "With #DDoS all the rage, make sure your company is protected from #wikileaks like attacks: ."