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UPDATE:   Here’s the Wednesday edition of this blog.

8:55  WikiLeaks releases two new cables revealing Gaddafi Family Values, i.e. squabbles.  Foreign Policy reports.

8:05  I love this: small San Diego weekly has been checking WikiLeaks often for any references to local concerns, and has found some beauties and oddities: "So far, these have included reports on a shady Russian politician with property in Carlsbad, a North County energy company investing in lawless southern Italy, Maria Shriver’s heart-to-heart with Sonia Gandi, and Congressman Darrell Issa’s scheming with Lebanese Brazilians. 

"The stories keep coming, but sometimes they’re fairly minor. One cable mentions how the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Zoo were among the first buyers of chambira palm tree baskets from the Amazon. Another details how San Diego Community College was helping a Brazilian school develop a biotechnology curriculum."

7:00     Final day of cut price on print version of my  "The Age of Wikileaks" book.   E-book edition also available.   Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, others.  I am now selling foreign rights, contact me at address above if interested.

5:05  Academics debate whether students, or anyone, even reading WikiLeaks are breaking the Espionage Law.  The absurdity burns.  But a good read, from Philly Inquirer.

3:05  The Bradley Manniing Advocacy Fund launched today, with this endorsement from Dan Ellsberg: "There has been a concerted effort to paint Bradley Manning as a terrorist and traitor. He is neither. He is a patriotic American who deserves better than to be tried in the media – as is happening day after day on the basis of misinformation – before he has had any opportunity to speak publicly for himself or to present his own case in court. I hope others will join me in supporting the Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund to ensure a free-flow of information on PFC Manning and give him a fair shot at due process and humane treatment.":  

2:05  More major fallout from WikiLeaks usually overlooked: Why do we currently have no U.S. ambassador in Libya? Because he (Gene Cretz)  was recently recalled after uproar over his cables critiquing Gaddafi.  "Certainly doesn’t help in current crisis.  (h/t Kevin Gosztola)

12:30  Lengthy new piece on Wikileaks finances, past and present, and call for "transparency."

12:00 Andy Greenberg at Forbes site on Harvard prof calling attention to attacks on WikiLeaks via PayPal, MasterCard etc.  "Benkler takes apart the government and private sector response to WikiLeaks’ year of ever-more-controversial revelations…..Benkler doesn’t argue that Lieberman’s pressure on Amazon and others to jettison WikiLeaks is illegal. In fact, its legality is exactly what calls into question the future of free speech online."

11:50  For better or worse, the leak getting the most attention today is…that manuscript of a Palin tell-all by her former top aide.

11:00 Haven’t tried this, but site claims Dazzlepod is best for exploring the cables.

10:40  We’ve noted previously the phenomenon of RummyLeaks — that is, Rumsfeld, in connection with his new memoir, publishing on his site many memos and formerly secret docs.  Here’s just one that is raising eyebrows and links to more.

9:35  Rightwing NewsMax covers my old friend Dan Ellsberg, who talks about WikiLeaks strong role in Tunisia revolt, which spilled over to Egypt and beyond, and Assange as friend and  "idealist."  Also video.

9:10  Mike Calderone at Yahoo probes: Why did Guardian reveal CIA’s Davis and NYT and Wash Post would not? 

9:05  Der Spiegel translates its Q & A with Dershowitz on defending Assange. "If the government can create lists of all people who have had contact with WikiLeaks, it will deter people from using social media in this way."

9:00 In case you’re wondering, yes, Wikileaks has even had a big impact in places like Sri Lanka.  Here’s a keynote address there warning of a "cyberwar." 

8:10  Is WikiLeaks really something new? Here’s a "short history of secrecy," from the Greeks to Trotsky and beyond.

8:00  Full analysis of what cables show about Pakistan, war and corruption, at WL Central.

12:05    Foreign Policy, of all places, has odd take on Assange and the "honey pot," featuring Winnie the Pooh…..Also in Foreign Policy, veteran Peter Galbraith on how to write a cable so the right people (besides Assange) read it.  First: be "strategically nasty."

Late Monday

Love this: someone finally links WikiLeaks to my fave modern writer Graham Greene.  It’s at Foreign Policy site.   "Revenge of the Quiet American."

 WikiLeaks just tweeted link to new t-shirt designs at its online store.   Includes a "typographical Assange" and a WTF– WikiLeaks Task Force."

 Fouad Ajami, who long ago was wise man, peddles embarrassing "everyone knew everything in WikiLeaks cables" nonsense here.

  Jonathan Bernstein at The New Republic on WikiLeaks, "Curveball," and what do insiders really know, anyway? 

  Glenn Greenwald rips NYT for its "shameless" hiding of CIA alleged killer Davis at request of White House (see below), especially in light of Keller statements vs. Assange.   Times called him a "diplomat" while knowing it was a lie, he points out.   "With some noble exceptions, loyally serving government dictates is, like so many American establishment media outlets, what they do; it’s their function:  hence the name ‘establishment media.’"

Major new Wash Post piece by the veteran Walter Pincus on what cables show about U.S. and Bahrain.  For one thing: "The cables released Wikileaks also show that U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic relationships with Bahrain run much deeper than just the presence of the Fifth Fleet headquarters and the Naval Support Activity facility, which also serves as home for other American units."