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UPDATE: The Wednesday version of this blog.

10:40  Wash Post with big take on what was mainly first reported by McClatchy last week–on mental health specialist advising that Bradley Manning not be sent to Iraq.   Report attributes much of this to Manning’s problems with a "personal relationship." Some have accused Army of "leaking" this infomation now.

10:35  NY Magazine covers the WikiLeaks 9/11 cables and the plotters who got away that we noted earlier below.

10:30  And the hits keep on coming: new cable with report on radioactive uranium from U.S. allegedly found in the Philippines in 2007, nine bricks, for sale.

10:25:  Just scheduled, doing book salon "chat" at FireDogLake on Thursday re: new book, details here.

7:55 I noted earlier this very angle, but here’s Marcy Wheeler at FDL on NYT turning over cables to State Dept before publishing while Guardian refused.

5:45  Australia’s prime minister rejects Assange’s plea for help in extradition fight, but says he can return home, like a good boy, when it’s all over.

4:40  Seemingly major news break via WikiLeaks’ new partnership with The Telegraph — the 9/11 plotters who got away.  From Qatar.  Not sure what to make of it — perhaps old story, much ado about little  —  but in several parts, here’s one.  And here’s another, on how they fled to London.  And this on how our 9/11 Commission mentioned that such accomplices might have existed and fled.

4:30 Lengthy MediaShift account of former TV newsman Marvin Kalb interviewing Bill Keller and Dean Baquet of NYT for his Kalb Report.  In section on WIkiLeaks, Kalb hits Times as an "enabler" of the group.  Keller admits they are a "vigilante" group.  Baquet defends more strongly, says thanks to them we learned a lot about current U.S. wars and more.   Keller kept hitting Assange. 

3:25 We’ve followed this issue for a bit and now Amnesty International declares flatly that Bradley Manning is a UK citizen and UK gov’t should intervene and protest his harsh and "punitive" confinement.  "The British government is under pressure to take up the case of Bradley Manning, the soldier being held in a maximum security military prison in Virginia on suspicion of having passed a massive trove of US state secrets to WikiLeaks, on the grounds that he is a UK citizen."

3:20  The Guardian just posted much debated  chapter from its book on Bradley Manning.  Judge for itself whether it crosses the line in treating him as certain guilty party.  Guardian has said everyone knows he is chief and only suspect and they don’t treat him any differently.

2:20  My new book: This is the only place it can be purchased now, with no Amazon or store sales.   It sells for $11.95, and can be shipped all over the world.  Hailed by Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald.   Covers events right through last  week.  Just posted, 2nd exclusive excerpt from  book, on the epic meeting of Stephen Colbert and Julian Assange.

1:40  My Nation colleague, Kevin Gosztola, who helps with links here has big new piece at WL Central on Egypt cables and Mubarak.

1:30 Much speculation growing about upcoming BBC "Panorama" program, rumored to be very critical of Assange, that will air next Monday — the day of Assange’s big court hearing.  Stay tuned.  Here’s  the BBC preview. Assange last weekend in an interview said he expected it to be "a sleazy piece."

1:25 WikiLeaks’ first online  "town hall" or roundtable or something with press and public did not happen and no word why.

1:20  Counterpunch’s Michael Brenner with latest response to Keller hit on Assange in NYT.  New excerpt from my book just posted:  "Why Julian Assange Hates The New York Times" features sparring between Glenn Greenwald and John Burns.

1:10  Israel Shamir denies he is a "Holocaust denier" — but a denier of the "morbid cult of Holocaust." and "modern obsession with massacres."

11:30  NYT editor Keller, despite current rocky relations with Assange, in NPR interview gives full credit (more than most) to Wikileaks cables as a major spark, or fuel, for the Tunisian revolt  (which in turn helped lead to Egypt revolt and so on). "… the circulation of the Wikileaks documents that talked about how the Ben-Ali regime lived high off the hog … clearly did circulate widely and if it didn’t start what happened in Tunisia, it certainly fueled it."

11:00 U.S. concerns growing about growth in number of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal, soon to overtake UK, NYT reports today.  WikiLeaks cables  revealed some of this in December, plus Times has this key graf:  "In State Department cables released by WikiLeaks late last year, Anne Patterson, then the American ambassador to Pakistan, wrote of concerns that nuclear material in Pakistan’s laboratories was vulnerable to slow theft from insiders. The cables also revealed an American effort to deny its ally technology that it could use to upgrade its arsenal to plutonium weapons."

10:50  Former ambassador Carne Ross tweets on new cable:  "US embassy reports that improved US-Libya ties inc anti-terrorism have secured $3 billion new contracts for US companies." 

10:35  Cables helped expose Israel’s use of computer worm to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program, and now there’s a report from AP that the use of the worm could have caused a Chernobyl-type accident.

10:20 The Guardian blog links to how WikiLeaks is changing the Germans.…in language, at least.

9:50  New excerpt from my book just posted:  "Why Julian Assange Hates The New York Times." 

9:15  Today’s laugh: Cable on Libya sending a "frogman" to Italy to train on detecting underwater explosives — and he couldn’t swim.

9:10  All soccer matches in Libya cancelled for fear of anti-gov’t protests, partly due to latest cables.

8:40  Yes, despite the Egypt revolt, Al Jazeera does have time to report on Bradley Manning’s confinement, video here.

8:35  Guardian live-blog as usual good on events in Egypt.  Plus, just up, top minister replaced in Jordan.

8:25  My new WikiLeaks book is now #1 bestseller at Blurb — well, it’s not exactly Amazon (but in this case, a good thing?).  Thanks for your support.  Another excerpt coming in a few minutes.

8:00 Yesterday’s NYT front page covered massive corruption at Afghan’s biggest bank.  Today:  the cables, from Aftenposten.  

7:50  The Overnight Report (by Asher Wolf)   Robert Parry at Alternet on the dangers of the "witchhunt" against Assange….  Larry Doyle of suggests Wikileaks is more effective than the SEC… WSJ : ‘Wikileaks vs. Wall Street in a war for our souls: Middle-class battles Super Rich in fight to the finish’ ….Assange’s lawyer has stated FOIA inspired WikiLeaks…. Assange wants to return his original hometown, Melbourne, Australia…

12:15 From Marketwatch: Wall Street terrified of WikiLeaks — and Wikinomics.

12:10  Al Jazeera’s live blog for historic day of protests in Egypt now.

12:05  Interesting break down here, a bit down on the page, of the number of cables, not found elsewhere, published by each news outlet.  So, for example, Afternposten and a Lebanese paper far outstrip the NYT.

From late Monday

David House in video talks about visit with Bradley Manning yesterday.  

Do I need to say this again to the lazy cynics?  WikiLeaks cables continue to prove valuable in so many ways.  Just check out this piece by the estimable James Mann at Foreign Policy on what they show about U.S. – China relations, how tense they are "in real time," and how one state dinner won’t do much really.

My brand-new book: This is the only place it can be purchased now, with no Amazon or store sales.   It’s a 156-page paperback, selling for $11.95, and can be shipped all over the world.  Hailed by Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald.   Covers events right through last  week.  Just posted, 2nd exclusive excerpt from  book, on the epic meeting of Stephen Colbert and Julian Assange.

@WikiLeaks tweets: "WikiLeaks releases 480 secret cables on Libya ."

Another excerpt from The Guardian book which reveals that the paper’s editor refused to share cables it planned to use with the State Dept. in a dramatic phone call –even refused to give them their ID numbers.  Yet the NYT, as editor Keller writes, shared quite a few and also decided not to publish some.

Another embarrassment from L.A. Times with headline: "R.I.P. WikiLeaks?"

Joe Klein at Time with hysterical attack on WIkiLeaks, or "WikiLoss" as he puts it.  Makes claims about damage done by cable that go way beyond what nearly anyone else is saying.  Says with no evidence at all that China has hacked into the entire cable cache.  Hails the prissy Bill Keller  NYT piece from Sunday.  Suggests Qaddafi could help al-Qaeda stage operaton from his country because he’s ticked about buxom nurse cable. And so on.

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