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UPDATE:  Go here for the Wednesday blog.

10:20:  CNN:  Quantico military official defends putting Manning on suicide watch. 

10:10  In the Palestine Papers leaks today, U.S. general who helped train Palestinian security was aware that they tortured people.

10:00 Dispatches from the Digital Frontier on the era of leaks brought in by WikiLeaks, the Al Jazeera impact, and more.

6:00 Charlie Savage at NYT with new update on Manning case and comparisons to the Bush-era, scandalous Yee episode years ago. But as Glenn Greenwald tweets:  "difference: no Dems defended" the Yee "travesty."

4:50  Assange tells AP in London that WIkiLeaks now seeking SIXTY media partners to spread the release of the almost 99% of cable still not published.   Would be dramatic expansion of its collaborative efforts and in line with much else happening this week.  But outlets would have to agree to full redaction of names.  "Sometimes, that could mean doing what Assange called ‘triangulating the politics of a country’ — giving documents to a left-wing paper in a country with a right-wing government, or offering cables to conservative titles in countries with a left-leaning administration."

4:20  Paging Glenn Greenwald: Wired’s Kim Zetter, involved in the magazine’s scoops and coverage on Manning, just out with piece suggesting that the only reason the military has not been able to link Manning directly to Assange is because Manning probably erased the evidence.  This will cause must discussion, stay tuned.  Also see new CBS report claiming Assange not off the hook in this case either. 

Zetter: "If it’s true that investigators have found no evidence linking Manning and Assange, it may be because Manning allegedly erased it from his system. He discussed doing so in his chats with Lamo, wherein he noted that any incriminating evidence of his activities had been “zerofilled”, or erased, from his computers."

4:10  Holy cow, looks like my WIkiLeaks book  (even with title and cover not finalized) will be available as early as late Thursday, a few days ahead of schedule.  About 155 pages and about $12. 

3:50  Waiting for Assange to leak first draft, edits, final version of Obama SOTU speech.

3:30  The third, and I believe final, day of The Guardian‘s major take on the "Palesitne Papers," just posted. Also see report on three dead in Egypt protests today, and much more.

1:50  The Hole Truth: Courtney Love goes to Oxford (yes, you read that right) where she endorses WikiLeaks.

12:45  Google chief Eric Schmidt reveals  Google had considered stopping indexing confidential cables released by WikiLeaks, but had decided to carry on. Some other U.S. organizations have bowed to government pressure to stop cooperating with the controversial site.  "Has Google looked at the appropriateness of indexing WikiLeaks? The answer is yes, and we decided to continue," he said. "Because it’s legal."

12:40   Wash Post biz "leadership" writers look to WikiLeaks bank release and advise:  "Don’t be distracted by the context-less revelations from WikiLeaks that will methodically dribble out across the year. Use the revelations to actually question habits, hierarchies and routines that are likely holding you back from hatching an idea or gaining insight. It will be a far more valuable exercise than blissfully marinating in information overload…" (h/t Kevin Gosztola) 

12:25  Good site reviewing cables re: South Africa and Zimbabwe.

12:10  Thanks to all for comments, critique, on my book cover and title — making some changes, including photo.

11:35  "Unprecedented" revolts on the streets of Egypt, plus more in Lebanon and elsewhere.  Follow it all at The Guardian’s live-blog.  But will some now claim that WikiLeaks helped spark that?   If cables played a role in Tunisia revolt,  as many assert, and Tunisia led to Egypt? 

11:10  Juan Cole piece at The Nation (via Tomdispatch) on U.S. "corruption" abroad — beyond Tunisia —  as revealed by the cables.

10:20  This has oddly been overlooked so far, but Michael Busch at his blog is on it:  Norwegian paper Aftenposten out with U.S. cables mentioning Osama bin Laden, going back to 1993   "The final cable of the series–dating from spring of 2001–provocatively, if briefly, discusses the possibility that the Taliban might be willing to extradite bin Laden to Qatar to face charges in the Eaast African bombings." 

10:10  Full report on last night’s PDF forum on WIkiLeaks in NYC.

9:30  The Guardian’s excellent weekday Wiki blog continues today.  They’ve been at it as long as I have, but they did take a couple weeks off (and weekends)  when the hostage takers let them out for some fresh air.

8:50  Hot news: Last night we noted that Raffi Khatchadourian’s excellent New Yorker piece suggests that papers like NYT could now form special leak platforms in wake of the giant Al Jazeera leak this week.  Presto.  Mike Calderone at  Yahoo just out with piece on NYT considering just that. The NYT  "is considering options to create an in-house submission system that could make it easier for would-be leakers to provide large files to the paper.  Executive editor Bill Keller told The Cutline that he couldn’t go into details, "especially since nothing is nailed down." But when asked if he could envision a system like Al Jazeera’s  Transparency Unit, Keller said the paper’s been "looking at something along those lines."

8:45 New Glenn Greenwald post on latest developments re: Assange and Manning, problems for prosecution of WikiLeaks, Manning’s detention, and hit on weak Guardian opinion piece. "What’s being done to Manning is an absolute manifestation of the abuses of the National Security State, the Prison State and America’s authoritarian culture that have been long protested by most of those now writing about Manning."

8:30  WikiLeaks helps frame new doc on NYT — and future of print journalism — which just debuted at Sundance fest.

8:25  Those WikiLeaks servers housed in bunker in Sweden are so hot they could warm a nearby Stockholm church.  Huh? Read all about it here.

8:00  We had this last night when it broke (see below), but now full Guardian report on military admitting it can’t link Manning to Assange.

12:05 Confirmed:  Assange extradition hearing scheduled for Feb 7-8, Belmash Magistrates Court, London.

12:00 ROTC in U.S. hit by prof for directive to student soldiers banning their use of WikiLeaks material.  Against academic freedom, for one thing. (h/t @Asher_Wolf)

Late Monday

From Japan Times: Waiting for WikiLeaks dam to break in Japan.

From NYT:    Hillary Clinton goes to Mexico but refuses to discuss the embarrassing Wiki cables on drug war at press conference.

  Big news from NBC tonight: Military admits it can’t link Bradley Manning to Assange.   Also:  "The officials told NBC News that a U.S. Marine commander did violate procedure when he placed Manning on ‘suicide watch’ last week." .

More attacks on Al Jazeera and the Palestine Paper leaks from Palestinian leaders today.  AP report:  "The Palestinians now have their own version of a WikiLeaks scandal.President Mahmoud Abbas and his aides went on the attack Monday, accusing Al-Jazeera television of lies and distortions in publishing the so-called Palestine Papers… Despite the angry denials, the hunt was on for the leaker.

"On Monday, an angry crowd of about 250 Palestinians gathered outside the West Bank’s main Al-Jazeera office, with some smashing the station’s logo and glass panels in the front door. In the search for the leak, suspicion fell on low-level employees from a support office for Palestinian negotiators. Palestinian intelligence searched computer files in the office Monday, but it was not clear if any arrests were made."

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