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UPDATE:     Here is Wednesday’s edition of this blog.

11:05  The ADL with full take on the "conspiracy theories" online linking WikiLeaks and Assange to Israel or a pro-Israeli coverup.

9:50  Wired posts promised response to Greenwald on Manning and Lamo.  Two-parter.  Editor Hansen  and Senior Editor Poulsen  responded separately.  Editor Hansen: "It’s odd to find myself in the position of writing a defense of someone who should be held up as a model. But it is unfortunately necessary, thanks to the shameless and unjustified personal attacks he’s faced…"   Bottom line: He still refuses to print the chat logs, citing continuing privacy concerns, but might do it in future. 

Poulsen:  "Greenwald’s piece is a breathtaking mix of sophistry, hypocrisy and journalistic laziness. We took the high ground and ignored Greenwald and Salon the first time they pulled this nonsense. Now it’s time to set the record straight."  Cites several key errors.   Greenwald sure to reply.

8:00 Jessica Yellin responds to Glenn Greenwald critique (see below) at CNN blog—but completely ignores his main point about her questions betraying a double standard on (or lack of awareness about) journalists routinely publishing top secret information thanks to leaks vs.  WikiLeaks making such evidence available.   Watch the video again—claiming she was just asking provocative questions doesn’t cut it.

7:15 Earlier today I linked to start of discussion I had called for on why NYT and The Guardian cutting way back on covering Wiki cables.  Quite a few have weighed in since, some with interesting points.

7:00  Amazing: all those complaints about media and TV hosts claiming "indiiscriminate document dump" by WikiLeaks has finally paid off, in the form of an NPR correction.   Apparently sparked by a listener complaint.  Glenn Greenwald adds via Twitter that in addition "Stu Seidel, NPR’s Deputy Managing Editor, sent a memo telling reporters not to make the error." 

5:55  Wired’s editor promised response to Glenn Greenwald in "a few hours"—a few hours ago.

5:10  FDL’s massive updated chart on Manning and Lamo, quite a feat, aided by readers.

4:15 Huff Post:  Cable published by NYT shows Karzai of Afghanistan longs for "golden years" of the, yes, Bush Administration. "Questions about Karzai’s fitness to be the leader of Afghanistan and a key US ally run throughout several of the cables obtained by WikiLeaks."

3:45  We’ve noted The Guardian cutting way back on covering and publishing Wiki cables in past week.  Further evidence: It had launched a you-ask, we-search feature on their site, finding specific issues or people in the huge trove of Wiki cables.  But they abruptly halted it six days ago with no updates.

3:40  New effort to get (curiously quiet on WikiLeaks) Bob Woodward to comment on reporters and classified into and comparisons to Assange etc.,  and Mike Calderone of Yahoo! has tried to reached Woodward.  Hashtag just starting at Twiter is #wheresWoodward.

3:15  More fallout from yesterday’s CNN interview with Greenwald:  @WLlegal tweets: "Jack Goldsmith clearly explained in WaPo OpEd from Oct why vast majority of Woodward’s leaks are "unauthorized" as well.  

2:10  At 2 pm ET, Wired editor @evanatwired  tweeted that promised response to Glenn Greenwald expected in "a few hours." 

1:50 Dave Winer on real reason Amazon caved: It was all that gov’t dough.

1:45  CJR‘s Clint Hendler on the Year in WikiLeaks.  Secrets, laws and videotape.

1:25  Financial Times:  Wikileaks causes more government attempts at controlling Web.

12:40  Someone else (besides me) raising question of why NYT and Guardian have pretty much halted running stories on new WikiLeaks cables, with 249,000 left to go.  Have seen no replies yet.

12:05 From NYT:  Is it rape? Depends on who you are asking.  On Assange case, from Europe.  "Because it has become inextricably linked to the controversy surrounding WikiLeaks, the Assange case offers few pointers for an honest debate about rape and how to prosecute it.  Taking a position on one issue is mostly presumed to be taking one on the other."

11:55  Rubbers meet the load: Evgeny Morozov tweets,  "WikiLeaks is a brand that keeps on giving: WikiLeaks condoms distributed at a hacker conference." 

10:50  And now Glenn Greenwald himself weighs in on the now-infamous CNN interview yesterday.  " I’m not complaining here—Yellin was perfectly fair and gave me ample time—but merely observing how inseparable are most American journalists from the political officials they ‘cover.’"  Also hits CNN for hiring Townsend, from Bush administration that lied about Iraq WMD leading to 100,000 or more civilian deaths in Iraq, and then calling Assange a "terrorist."

10:40   The Atlantic:  Did Wikileaks set back democracy in Zimbabwe?

10:30  New Amanda Marcotte–Moe Tkacik discussion on Assange sex case via Bloggingheads at NYT.

10:25  FireDogLake posts transcript and audio of key Greenwald-Lamo interview.

10:15  El Pais only news outlet still publishing daily WikiLeaks stories based on cables.   Question remains for others: Why? 

9:55  Richard Adams of The Guardian, who handled half the stuff at the excellent Guardian blog on WikiLeaks recently, returns with a long look at the #MooreandMe Twitter campaign vs. MIchael Moore (and Olbermann) for their comments on the sex case against Assange.   "In the end, though, it was Moore—without addressing #MooreandMe directly—who gave way, with his appearance on Rachel Maddow’s show. Olbermann, meanwhile, like a soldier marooned on a Pacific island who doesn’t know the war is over, sits nursing his wounds, and making gnomic statements and half-apologies."

9:40  MIke Calderone of Yahoo!  tweets comment on  Glenn Greenwald’s CNN interview (see below) : "Some journos uncomfortable with idea that their govt sources may also be ‘stealing’ info they use to inform the public."  Greewnald had earlier tweeted: "usually, classified secrets just walk up with their little legs to unsuspecting journalists."

9:10  Sad that this is necessary but: An Open Letter to those inciting violence against Assange or his family.

8:55 Assange raised some eyebrows in recent interview when he referred to WikiLeaks people already killed.  Here is what he was referring to.

8:45  Although I know the Rosenberg case well, I had not made this connection:  Robert Meeropol, son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, on his parents, Assange and the 1917 Espionage Act.

8:40  Wired, which has a battle of its own right now, with new piece, "2010: The Year the Internet Went to War." 

8:35  FDL with new compilation of key Bradley Manning case articles.

8:30  Does Ron Paul regret his strong (and rare) backing for WikiLeaks early on? New interview with National Revliew folks shows he is standing by it, maybe more so.  "This can’t be allowed to go without a full debate. If you don’t protect the rights that we have to broadcast and print—as well as for individuals who want to tell the truth about our government—we’re in big trouble" Not so keen on Manning, though.

8:20 Glenn Greenwald debating Fran Townsend (and host) on CNN tonite.

Late yesterday

Good piece by noted author/columnist Richard Reeves (like me, he’s written a book about Nixon) on Wikileaks as the #1 "game changer" of 2010.  Yeah, others will pick something else as "top story" but game-changing is what really counts….   If you’re wondering about the right’s response to Bradley Manning treatment, Glenn Greenwald and more, here’s Powerline. 

With little help now from NYT and Guardian, WikiLeaks has become WikiDrips, latest count still just short of 2000 published…. Capping day on Wired / Manning front (see below), a fun parody for "Hired" magazine cover.

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