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10:45 New piece just up at NYT by Stelter and Cohen on the media, WikiLeaks and Gitmo files — the rush to be first to publish and Assange turning to more and more media partners.  Yes, I am quoted in the piece based on interview with Stelter.  NYT’s Keller says he hasn’t talked to Assange in months.

ALSO from NYT tonight: "absurd" situation of everyone in world being able to click on Gitmo documents except Gitmo defense attorneys after being warned that they are still classified! 

9:30  New McClatchy piece in Gitmo files by my pal Tom Lasseter on large number of innocent Afghans held at Gitmo.  "In at least 44 cases, U.S. military intelligence officials concluded that detainees had no connection to militant activity at all." 

9:00 Jim Miklaszewski of NBC takes serious look at Obama’s "He broke the law" opinion on Manning.  Military legal expert tells him it was very bad thing for commander in chief to say….but Miklaszewski concludes that it still will not affect trial. 

5:10  Good report by Forbes’ reliable Andy Greenberg on that Wikileaks fundraising report today, with details like U.S. leading the pack in donations, best fundraising month followed Cablegate release, 91,000 spent on travel ‘most in economy class and at medium-priced hotels," and more.

4:10  David House, @lockean, Bradley Manning’s friend and visitor, and the main Wikileaks feed itself  tweeted ominously a short bit ago: "Subpoenas are being issued in the WikiLeaks grand jury. Violations of Espionage Act. No further comment at this time."

4:05  New study, just out, says doctors and shrinks at Gitmo turned blind eye to abuses. The authors call into question whether military doctors, who like their civilian colleagues generally adhere to the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, should have done more when confronted with potential of abuse or torture.

3:15 Rep. Kucinich on Manning and Assange and WikiLeaks. On Manning: “Now, people who are charged with the custody of that information do have an obligation and they basically promise to maintain confidentiality. That’s one of the consequences that Bradley Manning is facing as a soldier. We can admire his moral courage, but at the same time, understand that if he you know, if in fact, he broke some laws with respect to his responsibility to hold safe certain types of information; well you know, he may have to face the consequences for that. That’s a moral decision that he made, but what makes it moral is knowing that there are risks involved.”

1:55 The German Foundation that helps collect and distribute money for WikiLeaks has issued an annual report. Yesterday we link to finding on how PayPal exit hurt finances. Now here is AP story on overall picture, donations vs. expenses, and fact that no Assange legal fees paid for by donations.

12:20 For fun don’t miss this: NewsBusters story combines multiple right wing obsessions, claiming US taxpayers back WikiLeaks assault on US foreign policy—via evil funding for NPR, which now covers the Gitmo files in-depth.

12:10 Ellsberg on Democracy Now! says due to Obama statement on guilt charges against Manning should be dropped.

12:05 Yes, folks, phone app game inspired by Wikileaks now available: TrickyLeaks. 99 cents for android. Review says it’s fast-paced—maybe a little too much—and that likely will come to tablet. Includes WikiLeaks iconic dripping hour glass…

11:15 143 Guantánamo files now released at Wikileaks site; 600 to go.

11:10 AFP with response from ACLU and others on the “original sin” of Gitmo highlighted by files. Wash Post today, however, claimed files gives ammunition to “both sides” in the Gitmo debate. Post editorial page has always been among most negative about WikiLeaks from the start, although news side of paper now a partner.

10:50 Full review of the Gitmo files, and the coverage, around the world from Foreign Policy, with list of new revelations and details added to what was known before. For example: “At least 10 foreign governments, including China, Tunisia, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen and Kuwait were allowed to send agents to interrogate detainees (Guardian). “

9:55 NYT, despite good editorial today, continues to focus its news coverage on Gitmo files on how evil and dangerous the prisoners were—not the whopping number who were innocent. Front-page story today on post-9/11 plots actually shows how far from fruition they were—which is why they have not received such full treatment before. Michael Tomasky on the Guardian with good column here.

9:50: More controversy in India, as Assange reveals today there are Indian names in the Swiss bank data list (illegal offshore accounts supplied by Elmer) that are going to be made public. Q&A on this and more here.

9:45 New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

9:35 Latest from Bradley Manning backers on Obama saying, “He broke the law.”

8:55 Democracy Now doing another Gitmo segment right now, or can catch re-airing online later.

8:50 Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic: “No Wonder Congress Wants to Hide the Gitmo Detainees.”

8:45 This first came out months ago but getting new attention at Der Speigel today, and why not: Saudi King suggested planting chips in Gitmo inmates.

8:30 WikiLeaks continues to release Gitmo files and label them from different countries, good way to follow is via their Twitter feed @wikileaks. They also have things like: “Extrajudicial US banking embargo severely hit WikiLeaks financials”

3:20At WLCentral: Julian Assange says Rudolf Elmer is being held hostage for Swiss banking data—if Wikileaks returns docs, he might get off.

12:05 NYT story tonight on “chilling” dossier of Gitmo prisoner who really pushed for more post-9/11 attacks.

12:00 LA Times: Gitmo files show Khalid Shaikh Mohammed claimed he was warned by senior Al Qaeda not to kill reporter Daniel Pearl—but he cut off his head anyway. Due to torture of the prisoner, and other factors, you may want to take this with grain of salt.

From late Monday

Strong NYT editorial tonight: “The internal documents from the prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, published in the The Times on Monday were a chilling reminder of the legal and moral disaster that President George W. Bush created there. They describe the chaos, lawlessness and incompetence in his administration’s system for deciding detainees’ guilt or innocence and assessing whether they would be a threat if released…. The disaster at Guantánamo Bay is now Mr. Obama’s problem. He should not compound Mr. Bush’s mistakes in his efforts to correct them.”

Amazing: The Atlantic does the counting and finds that the NYT (tho often critical of Assange) has cited WikiLeaks docs in more than half of daily editions this year—and that’s not counting brief references to Assange or Manning but only actual use of documents. Would probably be even higher percentage going back to last Thanksgiving when Cable gate broke.

Bombshell from the Guardian: Al Qaeda terrorist / bomber also worked for Brit spy service M-16. “Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili, an Algerian citizen described as a “facilitator, courier, kidnapper, and assassin for al-Qaida,” was detained in Pakistan in 2003 and later sent to Guantánamo Bay. “But according to Hamlili’s Guantánamo ‘assessment’ file, one of 759 individual dossiers obtained by the Guardian, US interrogators were convinced that he was simultaneously acting as an informer for British and Canadian intelligence.”

Best headline of day for Wired story by Spencer Ackerman: “WikiLeaks Exposes Terror Master’s Nincompoop Nephew.” The terror master is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. “Turns out nepotism doesn’t work any better in the terrorism game than it does in business or in politics.”

Good point by @WLLegal: Right-winger Marc Thiessen of Wash Post wrote last December, “You’re Either With Us, Or You’re With WikiLeaks.” Meaning, WikiLeaks anti-American, criminal. Now Wash Post is full WikiLeaks partner on releases. Whoops.

Not from Gitmo files but good for context: “It has has been reported that prisoners cooperating with interrogations have been rewarded with Happy Meals from the McDonald’s located on the mainside of the base.” Also there a Subway and Taco Bell etc.

Now it begins. We’ve seen it with every previous WikiLeaks release: the media people who proclaim early on, “nothing to see here, just move along.” Here’s Mark Thompson at Time. Touching how he relies fully on angles from NYT and Wash Post as be-all and end-all.