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UPDATE:  Here’s the Wednesday edition of this blog.

9:45 Attendee at that Assange "debate" in London over the weekend hits The Guardian’s coverage of it.

7:50  Bradley Manning climbs from 26th to 8th in Time mag’s "most influential poll" — between Hitchens and Lady Gaga! 

6:05  My colleague Kevin Gosztola interviews Marcy Wheeler about Pentagon leaks after Manning.  Why did they wait so long to take action to close gaps?   Thumb drives, infection, Lady Gaga, hearings.

5:00 Part II of lengthy Assange interview with The Hindu, which has been breaking WikiLeaks stories for 2 weeks.  Closes by thanking Indians for "speaking better English than the English."  Earlier:  "Most of the early reporting on cables that have released, by our media partners and others, is what I call cable reporting. It is to read a cable, to pick out a few quotes, to say who the principal characters are, and then to publish that story. It is not cable journalism. Cable journalism is to read the cables, correlate them with other cables, with interviews of people, with archive searches, with record searches, and investigate the whole situation. And produce something that is more complex, describes a more complex situation. It takes longer but ultimately is the only way to really get at complex situations or situations that occur multiple times in the cable history."

1:10 I noted yesterday, but here again, FDL campaign   "Stop the Secrecy: Join Our Call for Official Visits to Bradley Manning" 

11:10  Jacob Appelbaum, WikiLeaks supporter (and one targeted by DOJ for Twitter info), detained yet again at an airport, denied lawyer, and he live-tweeted it.   "So of course, I was held until nearly the exact time of my flight departure and then let go with the expectation of sleeping in Houston."  All tweets here.

11:05  Folks, they’ve just now launched special one-day sale on my "Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences" e-book — just 99 cents for all electronic editions, Kindle, phones, iPad, PC, etc.  Also in print here.

11:o0 Latest from the "Israel Files":  Bahrain made contact with the Mossad.

9:45  My pieceOne year ago tonight: the epic confrontation — Stephen Colbert and Julian Assange. 

9:35 Gaddafi’s nurse, made famous in a cable, speaks out at Daily Beast:  No harem, the only time they touched him was to take his blood pressure.

9:30  WikiLeaks inspires Atari Teenage Riot song ‘Digital Decay’ 

9:20  Update from Politico on State Dept pressed by AP and Reuters reporters on UN rep denied visit with Bradley Manning.   The military says it will allow visit only if fully monitored–and any statements by Mannning used against him in court.  Excerpt:    "It seems to me that the only person who was forthright in discussions of his treatment resigned several days after making those comments," Lee said.

8:35  Radio interview with NYT‘s Scott Shane on how the paper quit its partnership with WikiLeaks but keeps reporting on big changes it has sparked abroad.

8:30  Assange interview in leading India paper that has been breaking cable stories for two weeks now,  The Hindu.  Defends veracity of cables under attack by gov’t there.

8:20  Photos of a Bradley Manning Solidarity Bike Ride in Pittsburgh.

From late Monday

The Guardian covers UN rep’s protest over not getting allowed to see Manning (see my links below), and Glenn Greenwald notes: "It’s quite telling how one has to go to a British newspaper to read about U.S. abuse of a U.S. servicemember."

Full report on the ‘Israel File."  Much more to come from Haaretz.

Excellent report on our WikiLeaks panel this past weekend with Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Micah Sifry, Emily Bell, yours truly, plus video of Glenn and Amy.

1:00  (AP)  " A U.N. torture investigator says he is frustrated at being denied an unmonitored visit to a U.S. Army private suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks.  Juan Mendez says the U.S. government "has not been receptive to a confidential meeting" with Pfc. Bradley Manning.

"Mendez said in a statement Monday that a monitored conversation would be counter to the practice of his U.N. mandate. Officials at the U.S. mission in Geneva said they weren’t immediately able to comment.  Manning is being held in solitary confinement in Quantico, Virginia, for all but an hour every day." UPDATE:  Fire Dog Lake launching protest drive, petition, about all of this, plus similar refusal to let Rep. Kucinich visit.

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