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7:35  The Guardian wins top Newspaper of the Year award in UK, partly for WikiLeaks work, and editor Rusbridger  goes out of his way in accepting to call on U.S. to 1) re-think how it is going after Assange and Manning and 2) find better way to treat Manning in the brig.

6:30  New cables on Libya show Gaddafi son submitted "wish list" of military purchases from U.S. in 2009.  It included F-16s that are now pounding the country.  Perhaps he was emboldened by visits of McCain and Lieberman and their promises of help.

3:45  And the hits keep coming: Ecuador just expelled U.S. ambassador over WikiLeaks leak — "a 2009 diplomatic cable divulged by WikiLeaks in which the envoy accuses Ecuador’s newly retired police chief of corruption and recommends he be stripped of his U.S. visa.  Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino announced the expulsion of Ambassador Heather Hodges at a news conference."

1:30 From @WLLegal: ”Ecuador gives US Ambassador an explusion order over #WikiLeaks cable accusing police chief of corruption .”

1:00 My colleague Kevin Gosztola notes in e-mail to me: In keeping track of books connected to WikiLeaks story, here’s new book just out by Jesse Ventura on April 4. One excerpt: “The WikiLeaks stuff is going to rank right up there with 9/11 and the murder of Kennedy. They’re using it to curtail our freedom of speech…. Is there any doubt that they’re running a blitz against every one of our civil liberties?”

10:40 Transcript of UK Parliament debate on Manning (and see below).

10:20 As I noted yesterday, Assange friend Jemima Khan is guest editing this week’s New Statesman and they are just out with the promised “exclusive” article by Assange, with claim that WikiLeaks is the “intelligence agency of the people.” And there’s this: “Assange argues that the New York Times’s hostility to WikiLeaks stems from the newspaper’s illiberal tradition of failing to back organisations or figures which challenge established elites. He highlights the newspaper’s failure to support the American pacifist and anti-war campaigner Eugene Debs, who was imprisoned for ten years for making an anti-war speech in 1918.”

10:15 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. Plus, first excerpt from the book (“From Oklahoma to Baghdad to Prison”) right here.

10:10 My new piece on Ethan McCord for first anniversary of “Collateral Murder” release—soldier who was there that day, rescued kids, and spoken out since. Info on new film, interview, excerpt from book.

8:25 My colleague Kevin Gosztola seems to be ticking off 365 WikiLeaks revelations for the 365th day since the “Collateral Murder” video came out, via twitter @kgosztola and here. Also, don’t miss this piece from nearly a year ago by Iraq vet who was in Bravo company, with key “I was so happy” quote from David FInkel’s book.

8:00 Today marks 1st anniv of when WikiLeaks emerged in USA—with “Collateral Murder” video from Iraq. Here’s my piece.

7:45 We noted below debate in UK Parliament yesterday about treatment of Bradley Manning an renewed claims that he is British citizen. Now comes word that the foreign office there will indeed talk to US about it.

6:35 Julian Assange, who won Time’s poll for Person of Year last year (and then they gave it to some guy named Zuckerberg), slipping a bit but still doing well in the current “most influential” online voting, placing ninth. Rain leads (well, it is April), followed by Gaga, Beyonce, the Fukushima nuke workers and Ron (or is it Rand?) Paul. You can also vote for Bradley Manning. A Kardashian, Kanye West, Sarah Palin, Charlie Sheen and Snooki bring up the rear, so there is hope for American after all.

From late Monday

The Guardian: As promised, Welsh MP pushing defense of Bradley Manning in Parliament (remember, his mom from Wales and he was raised there, partly). Also, renewed claims that Manning, indeed, does hold British citizenship.

Open letter from academics in NY Review of Books protesting “the humiliation of Private Manning.” See link to list of over 250 signers, including Lawrence Tribe, Todd Gitlin, Jack Balkin.

Military tells Wired that Bradley Manning installed “data mining” software on his computers to help extract files. This, supposedly, adds to his legal woes, as it suggests “pre-meditation.” No comment from Manning attorneys. The theory is that the military is attempting to find evidence that someone (e.g., Assange) directed Manning in these actiivites. No evidence so far, apparently.

The Weekly Standard delights in claiming that Bill Keller, in latest column, and right-wing critic now close together on view of publishing national security leaks. “Prosecution is warranted in some circumstances, he acknowledges. This is essentially the argument that Schoenfeld makes in his book.”

My favorite headline so far: “WIKILEAKS: Buddha Calls Cable On Him Distorted.”