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10:10  Watch clip of  NBC Nightly News w/ Brian Williams tonite — exclusive inside look at Anonymous, with "spokesman" and "senior strategist" Barrett Brown interviewed, more.  "Civil disobedience" against "targets who ask for it."  New plans.  Feds attacking.  Colbert clip, too. 

7:20  Sen. John McCain, meeting with Australia PM, calls WikiLeaks releases over the past year "the greatest, most damaging security breach in the history of this country."  Wants to nail Manning but also wants other who gave him "access" to documents brought to justice: "He couldn’t have done all of that by himself."  Not sure if he means military officers or Assange.  

7:10  A kind of tribute?  State Dept. spokesman P.J. Crowley,  asked about latest scandal involving Argentina provoked by WikiLeaks cable, announces.,  “We understand that virtually every country in the world has a Wikileaks cable related to their domestic politics.  We’re just not going to comment on them anymore."

5:35  Joe Nye, well-known academic, writer and asst. sec’y of defense under Clinton, writes Financial Times op-ed asking US not to prosecute Assange. By “trying to prosecute Mr Assange we only do damage to ourselves, both in terms of our own constitutional precedents, but also to the principle of openness on the internet that America must try to establish. The move is a blunder because it glorifies Mr Assange, and also because it confuses a cause with a symptom. If we are to understand power in an internet age, we must realise that if Mr Assange had never been born, something like this would have happened anyway.”

3:45  We had first hint of this last night (see below) but now Pentagon confirms they are probing Anonymous threat to go over Quantico jailers and others related to Manning. “Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said the probe was requested after news that the hacker group called Anonymous was seeking to disrupt activities at the Quantico, Virginia, base where Private Bradley Manning is incarcerated.”

3:20 Nation slideshow on first 100 days of Cablegate proving quite popular, also has key links.

12:50 Marking 100th day of this blog, print edition of my The Age of WikiLeaks book on sale today only for $11.95. Also available in various e-editions.

12:25  Translation of one of those liberated Egypt top security docs suggests that Gamal Mubarak and Egyptian security behind deadly bombing.

12:20  I covered yesterday but New Scientist now with update on “endangered” Peruvian hardwoods illegally being sold, as revealed by cables—now in USA.

11:50  Update on that cyber attack on CIA site and e-mail. They are now saying likely a “prankster” testing out his skills rather than a “political” group such as Anonymous.

10:35  We’ve noted this earlier in same terms, but here’s new LA Times article on the big document snatch in Egypt as their homegrown WikiLeaks. “The files, which contain detailed information about Islamists, artists, politicians, opposition figures and members of former President Hosni Mubarak’s regime, seem to show that state security officials knew much about the personal lives of millions of Egyptians, especially high-profile figures.” Mentions sex tape, of course.

9:40  WikiLeaks releases editorial on first 100 Days of Cablegate—and announces Phase 2 begins today but slow process will continue. “To date, fewer than 2% of the cables have been published, all redacted by media partners to minimise possible, though unlikely, harm to innocent individuals named within. So far we have started to work with. Wikileaks intends to continue this process until all cables have entered into the public domain where they can inform all of us…. Working with specialist journalists, and harnessing their local knowledge and contacts, makes sure that the stories that matter to each country around the world are found. Doing this takes time and resources. But by releasing day-by-day and week-by-week, the impact of this disclosure will be felt for weeks, months and years to come.”

9:20  WL Central with valuable, nearly complete list and description of “Cablegate Resources.”

9:15Article at The Daily Bail alleges DOJ worked with BOA, lawyers, HBGary to destroy WIkiLeaks, Anonymous, Glenn Greenwald, et al. No idea about credibility of this.

8:50  Waiting for WikiLeaks cable on where Charlie Sheen got illegal tiger blood abroad, for transfusion.

8:15  Usher join ranks of those who got tons of dough to play for Gaddafi son (hello Beyonce, Mariah, Nelly) to say he’ll give back or give away money. “I am sincerely troubled to learn about the circumstances surrounding the Nikki Beach St. Bart’s event that took place on New Year’s Eve 2009, ” Usher said in a statement Monday. “I will be donating all of my personal proceeds from that event to various human rights organizations.”

8:00New from Reuters: “A litany of back-stabbing at Europe’s top aerospace group is exposed in leaked US cables, which show American diplomats avidly collecting details on the cracks in US planemaker Boeing’s main rival AirBus.”

From late Monday

Financial Times: US probing Anonymous call to go after jailers of Manning, which we covered earlier today. Quantico spokesman Lt. Agustin Solivan said officials had referred the matter to law enforcement and counter-intelligence agencies. “We are aware of the threat and any threats to defence department information systems and networks are taken seriously,” he said. “The intent or stating that you are going to commit a crime is a crime in itself,” he added. Barrett Brown, often described as an Anonymous spokesman, said he was not alarmed about the prospect of prosecution. “My feeling is I’m going down anyway so I may as well do it with gusto.”

The biggest leak of all? McClatchy on the files seized by citizens in Egypt (this confirms much of what reported two days ago). “Less than a month after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s caretaker government faces a new crisis: what to do about thousands of documents that protesters seized from State Security offices over the weekend.” They are “salacious and sinister,” including sex tape. Don’t miss photo of woman holding her file.

Just revealed today: CIA web site, and e-mail system, knocked out last Thursday. Now probing if hackers or not. “Some cyber experts say the disruption may have been caused by a denial of service attack perpetrated by pranksters to show off their skills, rather than a terrorist act committed by a foreign government.”

Wired with new timeline of Manning’s alleged leaks.

Marking 100th day of this blog, print edition of my The Age of WikiLeaks book on sale today only for $9.95. Also available ain various e-editions.

Scott Horton of Harper’s with new piece on the Manning treatment. “The brig commander at Quantico should consider carefully whether it is really wise to deal with a young whistleblower by using watered-down versions of the tools of tyrannical oppression with which regimes like Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Qaddafi are so closely associated.”