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1:55 New from Politico: The Marines’ ‘special inquiry’ said Manning suicide watch went on too long. Commander overrode this. And: Top DOD lawyer not aware of inquiry’s finding when he said treatment of Manning complied w/all laws & regulations.

11:00 Glenn Greenwald, as promised, weighs in on Wired finally publishing the full chat logs (see below).  And, as expected, he has plenty of criticism.  "Now that Wired has released the full chats, I just want to highlight a few passages that they concealed, and dispassionately lay out several key facts, so that everyone can decide for themselves if Wired told the truth about their conduct and assess the journalistic propriety of it…. In sum, the full chat logs — in particular the parts Wired concealed for over a year — prove that Adrian Lamo is a serial liar whose claims are inherently unreliable.  But Wired‘s selective editing prevented this from being proven — served to shield from critical scrutiny the person the BBC accurately described as Poulsen’s ‘long-time associate’ — and thus enabled Lamo to run around for a full year masquerading as a reliable source, making claims that were fabrications and driving much of the reporting about the Manning and WikiLeaks investigations."

From late Wednesday

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Wired, at long last, publishes the complete Lamo-Manning chat log, fourteen months on—following on heels of New York magazine doing the same and revealing a lot of personal stuff. It clearly marks what was published and what held back, a nice service. Includes photos Manning had sent along. Getting some ink is his claim that he had “sources” at the White House and among Joint Chiefs—but on DADT, not intelligence stuff.

FDL’s Jane Hamsher’s take: “Wired originally claimed that they did not release the entire chat logs because everything they did not publish was either of a personal nature, or contained sensitive military information. That is clearly not true—most of what they did not publish fell under neither category.” Here’s BoingBoing take on what was edited out.

One thing Wired cut right from very start of chat (the part not underlined): im an army intelligence analyst, deployed to eastern baghdad, pending discharge for “adjustment disorder” in lieu of “gender identity disorder.” Also not published is Lamo advising: “I’m a journalist and a minister. You can pick either, and treat this as a confession or an interview (never to be published) & enjoy a modicum of legal protection.” Glenn Greenwald promises his own review in a few hours.

Also cut: “home was the same, alcoholic father and mother… mother was very nice, but very needy emotionally… father was very wealthy (lots of nice toys / computer stuff), but abusive.” And this: “my father in a drunken stupor got angry with me because i was doing some noisy homework while he was watching TV… he went into his bedroom, pulled out a shotgun, and chased me out of the house… the door was deadbolted, so i couldn’t get out before he caught up with me… so my mother (also wasted) threw a lamp over his head… and i proceeded to fight him, breaking his nose, and made it out of the house… my father let off one or two shots, causing damage, but injuring nobody, except for the belt lashing i got for ‘making him shoot up the house’ ….i went to school the next day, and my teachers noticed the wounds, and got social workers involved.”

Manning claims he was in London subway and heard book on “7/7” terror day. More: “im in the desert, with a bunch of hyper-masculine trigger happy ignorant rednecks as neighbors… and the only safe place i seem to have is this satellite internet connection.”

As goes along, quite a bit on gender identity and an extensive experiment in cross-dressing.

Glenn Greenwald notes: “Col Lawrence Wilkerson, a prominent Obama supporter in 2008, talks to @KeithOlbermann re Obama policy & Bradley Manning .”

Assange extradition hearing has concluded; decision expected in three to four weeks. Manning’s day in court: when?

Classic reporting by the Guardian just now: “Emmerson, for Assange, says of his client: ‘He’s lying beside her in a single bed, my lord. Men will get erections involuntarily during a night’s sleep. In a single bed with a man there’s a strong possibility she will come into contact with an erect penis.’ The judge replies: ‘I agree.’ The question is did she consent to his getting an erection, says Emmerson, Assange’s barrister. ‘The question is what he does with it,’ says Mr Justice Ouseley.”