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UPDATE: The Friday / Holiday Weekend blog.

8:45 WikiLeaks’s surprise position on continuing “boycott” by banks, MasterCard, PayPal etc.? Fine, they will get more damages from courts and European Union action.

5:30 @DemocracyNow: We will live stream “Conversation w/ Julian Assange, Slavoj Żiżek & Amy Goodman” on July 2, 11 am EDT:

4:40 As usual, some new fun WikiLeaks remixing at IWikiLeaksMovie.

2:30 That WikiLeaks Master Card parody now has life of its own, after going viral.

10:50 From my associate Kevin Donohue: As speculation continues about Venezauelan President Hugo Chavez’s health, the Guardian notes that, “among the latest revelations to emerge from WikiLeaks is that, in 2002, as plotters in Venezuela’s capital Caracas were liaising with the US authorities about the conspiracy to topple President Hugo Chávez, the leaders of the Catholic church in that country were defying the instruction of Pope John Paul II to desist from having anything to do with the coup d’état. Instead they threw their lot in with Pedro Carmona, the extremist rightwing businessman, who took office for less than 48 hours during a brief military coup in April 2002.” This is the latest in a series of revelations about tensions between the Vatican and an increasingly recalcitrant Latin American Catholic Church.

10:45 A roundup on what WikiLeaks reveals about Canadian and US efforts in suppression of indigenous communities.

9:55 Andy Greenberg at Forbes: Anonymous launches HackerLeaks. Or maybe it’s just a guy name Hacker.

9:10 Is Obama now Cheney re: NYT’s Risen?

9:00 The Economist looks at Andrew Marshall’s big Thai story and hit on monarchy there.

12:00 Fun video coverage of that Taiwan “honeytrap” sex scandal exposed by WikiLeaks—with subtitles…

From late Wednesday

Watch, from this week’s Aspen Ideas fest, “The Freedom of Press in the Age of (Wiki)Leaks,” with James Fallows, Lawrence Lessig, others.

Classic passage from Jonathan Alter profile on Hillary Clinton in Vanity Fair: “Hillary told staff that she could not fathom how an army private, Bradley Manning, with psychological problems and a drag-queen boyfriend could single-handedly cause the United States unprecedented embarrassment just by labeling massive downloads as Lady Gaga songs.

“Several allies needed little comfort. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ one leader told Hillary. ‘You should see what we say about you.’ Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi wasn’t so forgiving.”

Interesting look at how Canada set up “war room” to deal with impending release of WikiLeaks cables.

Photog hyping exclusive at-home-with-Assange pictures taken earlier this month.

That interview session planned for this Saturday and featuring Amy Goodman interviewing Assange has now had to find a new venue after the University of London deemed it too controversial. Or something.

We’ve followed the saga of pal Andrew Marshall and his explosive story on Thailand based on cables—and how he had to leave Reuters and now is banned from Thailand. Now Bangkok-based journalist Lisa Gardner tweets that “Wikileaks website now blocked in Thailand.”

New WikiLeaks/Assange play panned.