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UPDATE: Here is the Friday edition of this blog.

5:40  Fascinating and surprising NYT piece, via Greenwire, on what WikiLeaks cables show about one of the world’s "most wanted" enivornmental bad guys. "New insight into the international tug of war over Pluimers can be found in a diplomatic cable released earlier this year by the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks. That cable, written in 2006 by officials at the U.S. embassy in The Hague, indicates that Pluimers simply has too much influence with high-ranking Dutch officials to be handed over to U.S. authorities."

5:30  David House calls this "the best interview with Julian Assange that I’ve seen in the past two years: ."

10:50 From our pal @WLLegal: “DoD Inspector General report on NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake’s allegations leaks to @POGOBlog; vindicates him: .”

10:05 I’ve been following the saga of Andrew Marshall (left) and his explosive Thai story—just posted last night—and now here is his account of why he did it, including that it “cost me my job at Reuters.”

10:00 Top Dominicans admit charges in WikiLeaks cables true—including buying apartment from drug dealer.

8:30 Glenn Greenwald just up with piece on James Risen of NYT, his subpoena, and “climate of fear” during Obama administration.

8:20 Deaths in Afghan, as mapped by the Guardian, thanks to WikiLeaks.

2:00 More on Barrett Brown exposing US spy program, this time from Australia.

12:05 WSJ has big piece on Inside the Hacktivist Culture.

From late Wednesday

We’ve been hyping this for a few days and now it is here, massive story on Thailand and ill leader, partly based on WikiLeaks cables, by former Reuters ace Andrew Marshall. He’s posted Part I here and already is on front page of the Times of London. More parts to come but best way to follow is via his Twitter feed, @Zenjournalist.

James Risen of NYT (see below for context) suggests Obama’s war on whistleblowers & journalists “will have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press in” US.

ZDnet continues serializing a lengthy dissertation on history of WikiLeaks. Today: how cables helped sparked the Arab Spring.

For key background, see my books The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, and Bradley Manning, Truth and Consequences as e-book and print. Hailed by Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, etc.

We were first up today with news of Barrett Brown’s big scoop (see below) and now he has posted more at the Guardian. “After having spent several months studying those emails and otherwise investigating the industry depicted therein, I have revealed my summary of a classified US intelligence programme known as Romas/COIN, as well as its upcoming replacement, known as Odyssey. The programme appears to allow for the large-scale monitoring of social networks by way of such things as natural language processing, semantic analysis, latent semantic indexing and IT intrusion. At the same time, it also entails the dissemination of some unknown degree of information to a given population through a variety of means—without any hint that the actual source is US intelligence. Scattered discussions of Arab translation services may indicate that the programme targets the Middle East.”

Last week we reported on new legal team for Assange re the Swedish case, and now Tom Hayden here at The Nation talks about it, including interview with the renowned Gareth Peirce (played by Emma Thompson in In the Name of the Father). It seems that there was feeling that perhaps the previous team too strongly attacked accusers and Swedish justices while new team will be more respectful.

A few weeks back we covered intensely here the debut of new film short on Ethan McCord, the “hero” of the “Collateral Murder” video (he rescued the kids in the van for medical care and has been haunted since), and how it won best short at the Tribeca Film Fest. Now our friends @iWikiLeaksMovie present a lengthy Q&A with the director, James Spione, plus video, trailer, and much else, all here.

Alternet’s Rania Khalek does it again, coming out with another WikiLeaks Top Five list, this time outlining WikiLeaks top revelations exposing the merger between multinational corporations and American diplomacy.